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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about School?


To dream of attending school, indicates distinction in literary work. If you think you are young and at school as in your youth, you will find that sorrow and reverses will make you sincerely long for the simple trusts and pleasures of days of yore. To dream of teaching a school, foretells that you will strive for literary attainments, but the bare necessities of life must first be forthcoming. To visit the schoolhouse of your childhood days, portends that discontent and discouraging incidents overshadows the present.


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Others about dreaming about "School"

  • Rakiatu Adams (9 months ago)

    I dream that my my son primary school teachers and students came to visit my son who is 19 years old now
  • Mp (1 year ago)

  • Vicki (2 years ago)

    I was dreaming that I had a shadow day at some other school. It was in a room with a circular table and a chalkboard. After that class, we went outside. We were in some circular street that also had a tunnel, and we were running away from someone.
  • c (2 years ago)

    I was at a school with familiar faces from high school and even some family members. A bunch of us were at an assembly. Randomly, the principle or a teacher called out a group of students to play a game of dodgeball, myself included. Before the assembly, i had been going to school for a few days now. I remember my change of clothes for each day, a white tee with a very short skirt, something i'd never wear in real life. My outfit for assembly day was the most uncomfortable ever. I remember wanting to wear something specific like not minding the white tee but i wanted to wear shorts instead of the skirt. At first, i was wearing exactly that but when i began to play dodgeball, i was wearing the skirt again. the skirt kept rising up to the point where id feel like everything was showing and i kept pulling it down but it just kept rising up again and again. I still continued playing the game but was awful at it which was normal because i am naturally bad at that game already, well the throwing and aiming part of it. I do quite well at the dodging part lol. but every time i would dodge for the ball, i would throw myself down to the floor and slide across the gym floor. every single time. i started hearing voices in the crowd saying why does she keep falling to the ground like that and i remember replying back in my head, as a thought, that i enjoyed doing it and i really was lol. also, the setup for the game kept changing. like normally one team was on one side and one on the other, but we were all over the place in the school gym but still on opposites. Touching back on the part when my skirt kept rising, i didnt notice anyone noticing or telling me anything about. It was only me who was very self conscious about it because how could you not? i dont know. but when the game was over, everyone started cleaning up. I guess there was some event happening outside of the gym with even more students. it was pretty crowded. I helped cleaned up but while cleaning up, a boy caught my eye. someone ive never seen before in real life because i feel like i would remember him. we only kept making eye contact, intense eye contact lol. he had braces and such a nice smile. well, this was all for my school dream. i dont why id be here and why we were playing dodgeball. the part where im uncomfortable in what im wearing, wasnt the first tme. ive had dreams where im not wearing pants and i kept trying to wearing pants and im in public.. i think im gonna be thinking about this boy for a while, trying to figure out who he is.
  • Simone (2 years ago)

    My friend contacted me saying she dreamedwere kids again.going to school I wanted to go the wrong way she pulled me in the right direction.bit it was not the school we went was a school for kids with special needs and we were excited cause we knew we were gonna exell in class
  • De-Arni (4 years ago)

    I dreamt that I stayed back at school, hoping to catch a glimpse of this school I heard of from rumours. I stayed in the bathrooms until the early hours of the morning then went to the classroom in which I heard the rumour happened. But went I went to the room. I was super scared. Nothing happened but I was scared. So I tried going and something locked the room. Last thing I see before it ended was this smiling face through the mirror.

  • coy (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that my friend was locked in a freezer at shcool
  • john (5 years ago)

    So i had this dream where my friend wesley had a gopro hero 7 and we went 2 recess and suddenly everyone on the soccer field was wearing a kilt but wesley was wearing a cheer skirt.
  • Colleen (5 years ago)

    I have dreams all the time about going back to school from the age of 30 to present day of46. I try to hide my age to get back in and usually do
  • Daphne (6 years ago)

    I had a dream where school started again on the first day and I was looking for my locker. (They've never done this) I find my locker because they wrote students name on it. They spelled my name wrong and I joked with my past crush about it. Then I became a cartoon elephant bathing with a cartoon pig with my friends face on it and we went around school in the tub. I have weird dreams...
  • Emily (10 years ago)

    I dreamt that my friend was at a different school an it was across the street from mine


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