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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Mrxi (2 weeks ago)

    I was dreaming about the bed without pillows and without mattress. I wanted to sleep on it but I couldn't, so I was very sad and upset. What does it mean?
  • anon (1 month ago)

    I lost to an old man in chess in an arcade filled with smiling people
  • Upset (3 months ago)

    I dreamed returning from the bathroom, my 23yr old daughter wearing only panties and bra, got into bed with my fully dressed lover. She had an evil smile on her face. My lover looked at her saying you better go. She said no and wrapped herself up in the blanket. I started attacking her, throwing punches but I was moving slow motion and she just kept looking at me with the evil smile untouched. She then said she's grabbing a bat, but she never moved and the bat appeared on the bed. I started hitting her with a 2x by...more
  • baba (3 months ago)

    I got a fish when I through my fishing pole
  • Fun (3 months ago)

    My mother dreamt I had sex with two men at the same time which made her unhappy. Especially because I told her I'm a virgin in real life
  • Da (4 months ago)

    Hospital parent visit
  • Dell (4 months ago)

    I deampt that I had a jean jacket that had grains of rice sewn into it . There were different colors of rice that represented different people. I saw on each grain of rice the things that I had said to them. I remember seeing red and blue rice. There was white rice, those were words of prayer to God. I realized that people could read what I had said on the grains of rice. And I was disappointed that I didn't have many white grains.
  • Deon (4 months ago)

    I was dreaming a monkey riding a horse

  • Sbuda (4 months ago)

    I dreamed sleeping on a bed and the mattress had a hole
  • Lynn (5 months ago)

    I dreamed of gold coins falling
  • KG (5 months ago)

    I'm in my home with my sister when the earth rolls and the house slides down the mountain with other houses. We are fine but house is not.
  • Hurt (6 months ago)

    I dreamed that my daughter and boyfriend were having sex what does this mean
  • Edwin (6 months ago)

    Somebody picked my black shoes where i kept them, and sold the shoes.
  • Shirley (7 months ago)

    I was Falling from a height hoping to reach Australia below and was caught and saved before I hit the Ground
  • Blondie (7 months ago)

    My deceased mother gave me a bejeweled dolphin ring to match hers.


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