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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Monkey?


To dream of a monkey, denotes that deceitful people will flatter you to advance their own interests. To see a dead monkey, signifies that your worst enemies will soon be removed. If a young woman dreams of a monkey, she should insist on an early marriage, as her lover will suspect unfaithfulness. For a woman to dream of feeding a monkey, denotes that she will be betrayed by a flatterer.



Others about dreaming about "Monkey"

  • Doni (6 years ago)

    I dreamed my mother had a pet monkey on a leash and the leash was attached to a little blonde dog. They were leading one another around. The monkey was attached to my mother and she was talking to me and trying to decide how or if she wanted to get rid of these guys. I'm like I don't know. The monkey was wearing clothing. It was small. I was,also helping her move and we were discussing what hotel we could stay at with all these animals. I said the Hilton Garden Inn takes dogs. Then we were driving her home. (???) Weird dream.

  • ed (9 years ago)

    Dreaming of a dead monkey on my back I cant get off


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