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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Home?


To dream of visiting your old home, you will have good news to rejoice over. To see your old home in a dilapidated state, warns you of the sickness or death of a relative. For a young woman this is a dream of sorrow. She will lose a dear friend. To go home and find everything cheery and comfortable, denotes harmony in the present home life and satisfactory results in business. * See Abode.


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Others about dreaming about "Home"

  • KG (5 months ago)

    I'm in my home with my sister when the earth rolls and the house slides down the mountain with other houses. We are fine but house is not.
  • bj (2 years ago)

    Twice I dreamed that I had no home or money of my own and didn't know how I was to eat or support myself.
  • Vicki (5 years ago)

    My dream was about our daughter who died 3 years ago. I dreamed she came back home with a baby, less than a year old and was expecting another. I heard her talking downstairs. I ran out of the bedroom, bounding down the stairs. When I hit the landing, looked down into the dark kitchen. I realized it was a dream. I could see her vividly in my dream. She had on a light green shirt, her back was against me and the baby had on a light green shirt, dark hair and way lying on a blanket on the counter beside her. Valerie was standing right there with the baby, back to my dream.This same daughter had cancer at age 12. Four rounds of chemo with radiation. She survived this horrid illness. But later at age 28 she died from an ATW accident in 2013. Do dreams reall have meaning?
  • Lili (6 years ago)

    I always have a dream of my birth home or my uncle's home i have the same dream of my brother my dad and me that my dad kisses us gn and i wake up hes turning off the lights and he leaves i get up behind him and i never see him again (^_^;)
  • Anastasia (6 years ago)

    All my life i have had very detail, realistic and complex dreams. I have had maaany false awakenings, and lucid dreams, and i usually remember up to 4 detailed dreams. As a university student, i have had many dreams that my parents want me to move from the current house I'm renting and i always cry bc i don't want to. Last night i dreamed that they sold my house without asking me and we move to a beautiful, clean and orderly house with people i seemed to be related to. But i missed my house and kept crying, wanting to go back. I really can't explain this constant crying about keeping my house..
  • susan (7 years ago)

    I had a dream that i had a baby , then six month after had another one . then i was looking at a new house in a new estate it was a big house .

  • jj (10 years ago)

    What is you dream your moving home?
  • Big Joe (11 years ago)

    Goes with last comment... it seems so real at times when I see people and animals interacting in the town,dirt road,house and with me I kinda like my dream land wish we could turn on a switch and live it anytime...
  • big Joe (11 years ago)

    I have a dream in a town I dont know other then in my dreams in this town im either running to or from something at times. other times I am just looking around... there is a school that ive had multi dreams about along with a house that's in a lot of my dreams along with a dirt road with hills and sharp turns different things happen in all of these places at different times in the dream but the same places are always there just wondering if thats my dream land or if it really means somehting
  • jan knowles (11 years ago)

    I have a dream i am in a stately home when i get to the top of the house there are stairs to a room i feel scared when i go in and feel someone was put there because they were insane i wake panicking thinking they are after me
  • camie mangrum (11 years ago)

    I had a dream i won a dream house with a big pool because i had found the hidden door to the house


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