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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Death?


To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow. Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature. To hear of any friend or relative being dead, you will soon have bad news from some of them. Dreams relating to death or dying, unless they are due to spiritual causes, are misleading and very confusing to the novice in dream lore when he attempts to interpret them. A man who thinks intensely fills his aura with thought or subjective images active with the passions that gave them birth; by thinking and acting on other lines, he may supplant these images with others possessed of a different form and nature. In his dreams he may see these images dying, dead or their burial, and mistake them for friends or enemies. In this way he may, while asleep, see himself or a relative die, when in reality he has been warned that some good thought or deed is to be supplanted by an evil one. To illustrate: If it is a dear friend or relative whom he sees in the agony of death, he is warned against immoral or other improper thought and action, but if it is an enemy or some repulsive object dismantled in death, he may overcome his evil ways and thus give himself or friends cause for joy. Often the end or beginning of suspense or trials are foretold by dreams of this nature. They also frequently occur when the dreamer is controlled by imaginary states of evil or good. A man in that state is not himself, but is what the dominating influences make him. He may be warned of approaching conditions or his extrication from the same. In our dreams we are closer to our real self than in waking life. The hideous or pleasing incidents seen and heard about us in our dreams are all of our own making, they reflect the true state of our soul and body, and we cannot flee from them unless we drive them out of our being by the use of good thoughts and deeds, by the power of the spirit within us. * See Corpse.


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Others about dreaming about "Death"

  • Teresa (8 years ago)

    I had a dream last night about me and my husband went to court and the kids were with us and the judge called my daughter up to testify and I had my son all I know I was outside he came out the court house and I ask him where is my daughter. He just left...I went to the bathroom she was in a clear bag tied up he had killed her.I woke up in tears but couldn't cry in my dream no matter how hard I tried. What does it means?
  • leslie (8 years ago)

    I had the weirdest scariest dream ever my boyfriend just got out of jail and he went to the store with family friend well the family friend comes back but not my boyfriend he then tells me someone came up behide him and cut his throat i was in tears balling
  • Rachel (8 years ago)

    I had a dream last night that my father was outside on the front porch and he had a heart attack and died there. I seemed to be the only one upset about it, everyone else in the dream, especially my mom, was hardly bothered by it.
  • Maureen Baker (8 years ago)

    I had a dream were a woman id never met told me I would die in 3 weeks what does this mean
  • Pamela (8 years ago)

    I had a dream a bout my boyfriend taken me to some place but i couldn't make out where it was but i didn't see my boyfriend and i was thinking flip sack what is he doing bringing me here i still couldn't make out where is was it was a bit of a blur then out of no where this tall dark haired good looking man was all over me out side the the place i thought he was gay though but he anoughed me by bing to touchy feely with me and id never seen him before in my life then i was in a church and i seen my dead granda and granny sitting to gether my granda winked at me and smiled and my granny was looken down with a grin on her face and then i woke up my granda died when i was four years old and my granny will be dead three years this xmiss what dose this mean
  • Andrea (8 years ago)

    My daughter and I both dreamt about each other on the same night and at the same time. She dreamt that I was very poorly in hospital and had died but resuscitated, staff weren't looking after me well so she shouted at staff. I dreamt that my daughter had died and I was looking after my grandson. Any ideas why we should dream about each other on the same night and at the same time?
  • Kim (8 years ago)

    Try your family photo include your wife and your baby on bed side table , in your wallet . Pray more to ask god help u his path. Also be kind to people in need, help them as you can and do not put too many thing in your mind . And go for yoga. Remember help help people and be kind....start as soon as you can. You will be okay.
  • Bea (8 years ago)

    I hate a nightmare felt so real that tgey shot me point blank what does this mean it scared me
  • tiptonic (8 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream that I strangled my 10 month old son and my wife to death please tell me what this means Iit was so real I could feel there pulses and I woke up scared to death at the feeling of murdering them I love them both dearly and would never want to hurt them please tell me what it means
  • Cheyenne (8 years ago)

    I keep having dreams about school shootings and stsbbings. It usually goes along the lines of im in class and then someone makes a gasping sound and everyone runs to the window and (depending on the dream) I see someone being stabbed/shot multiple times. The whole school goes on lockdown until we catch him, only we don't. I wake up and he still wasn't caught. Should I tell someone?

  • Brad Collins (8 years ago)

    I keep having a dream that I'm in chair and my head is being cut off with a sharp knife it looks like a cline cut and then I wake up I've had this dream around 5 times a week and it's on going Plz help
  • felix (8 years ago)

    We were sleeping in bed.. All of a sudden my wife has a meat clever and chops my neck. It took 3chops and i died.
  • Anonymous (8 years ago)

    I had a weird dream last night. I was always very prone to nightmares. I use to get a lot when I was a child which they said is normal for some children. Last night I had a dream that I was going on a trip. I was leaving my house and went back in to get the rest of my things. My friends waited in the car. So I turn around and see this figure standing in front of me. It was a tall dark figure you could not really make it out but as well as the the lite in the house were not on. It was raining outside. So I call my friend and they say "Im outside" and I say "Someone is in the house!" and than they come running in and the figure is gone. However when I leave the house I lock everything. I get a message on my phone with a picture of the very unclear figure. It says "You are going to die" and than I woke up. Is it normal I feel like something is trying to warn me something bad is going to happen?
  • amanda (9 years ago)

    I had a dream (5 yrs ago) about someone i was close to dying on a street bike. i couldn't see who the person was but i knew i was close to them. i woke up freaking out and woke my sister up and told her what happened. She told me nobody had passed away. i was still in high school at the time so we got up and got on the bus. Our bus driver then asked us if we knew the kid that had passed away from the school we had went to before. I turned ghost white only to find out my dream had really happened and before i could tell her my dream she told me exactly my dream. He was my best friend and i couldn't function for a while after his death. But i want to kno why i had this dream about him before it happened! .. if i could go back i would tell him how i really felt about him. I love him and miss him sooooo much i just wish i could see his face still.
  • Tiffany sunshae (9 years ago)

    I just found out my brother was murdered. After being with family that day, I fell asleep after crying non stop. Suddenly about an hr. Later, something grabbed and shook my right theigh. Woke me straight up. I was to afraid to move, or look. I was angry at myself because I could feel my heart beating. I held my breath because I was that scared. I didnt want to hear myself breathing. What does this means anybody. Was my brother trying to tell me something?? That night I was definetely to afraid to find out.
  • Justin (9 years ago)

    I've always had very vivid dreams, most in color. I've dreamed things happening before they do and even some killings even though i didn't know the person in the slightest. Last night i dreamt i was walking down the stairs with a young man about my age with a black shirt blonde hair and a familiar face. We were just talking then i noticed myself in the mirror. I was shaven and wearing a over sized white shirt like i was acting gangster like when i was young. My face was slightly swollen, then i notice my lip had been slashed open. I started to leave and i immediatly tried to shut the door. The other guy was fighting me to open the door. There was a pressence up stairs that was asking if something was a matter, and i yelled "he's trying to kill me!", the other guy says under a hushed voice that i could hear perfectly, "you said you wouldn't tell". Fearful i open the door behind me go through and shut it fighting again with the guy to keep it shut knowing he's trying to stab me. He gets the door open farther on a stronger pull against me and i see a flash of his arm. I think everything is ok but he stops trying to open the door and i start walking to the car in a garage that is where i feel a cold burning sensation near my chest and stomach. I grab my chest hearing water splashing onto the ground, it was so warm to the touch. I felt as tho i was being drained, realizing slowly that he had stabbed me in the stomach i grasp the shirt to where i think the wound may be tightly hoping to stop the flow of this blood, trying to get to the car to get help, i didn't want to die, but the blood seemed to flow so fast every time i moved and more came out at every heart beat. Everything faded to black and i awoke. I'm quiet scared, i know there may be just a subconscious message all over the dream. But this seemed so real. Like the other deaths of people i had dreamt. Please help.
  • Kiara (9 years ago)

    I just had a dream that my boyfriend was being hit with a huge ax by a long time friend he hasn't hung out with for awhile. Was trying to call the police but it kept saying server was down. Then seen a post on Instagram that a friend (comupter geek) who has disappointed us turned off the server for all emergency calls. So no one was able to call the police or help. Woke up and now trying to find answers. Pls help I can't go back to sleep I'm afraid.
  • bob (9 years ago)

    In my dream I am laying in a field looking up in 2 the blue sky and there are missiles flying over my head and then they go bang and all I do is just lie there
  • kitty cat (9 years ago)

    2 gjys came after me and my neice and i killed both of them to save her
  • Mandy (9 years ago)

    My bf dreamt that I went outside of his house and I hung myself.he said in his dream he tried to help me by picking me up and holding me but he couldn't cut the rope and hold me up. He SaI'd he remembered that the neighbours came out and cut the rope. That's really weird dream. He also dreams that I cheat on him. I've had a dream myself where I have cheated on my my bf with a friend of mine who died last year. It freaks me out abit to be honest.


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