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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Dead?


To dream of the dead, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you. Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this dream. To see your mother, warns you to control your inclination to cultivate morbidness and ill will towards your fellow creatures. A brother, or other relatives or friends, denotes that you may be called on for charity or aid within a short time. To dream of seeing the dead, living and happy, signifies you are letting wrong influences into your life, which will bring material loss if not corrected by the assumption of your own will force. To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self. The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure. * Paracelsus says on this subject:


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Others about dreaming about "Dead"

  • Mrs perez (9 years ago)

    About 4years ago I lost a friend I was all in love with him but it was a very hard love story so it could not be so one day I get a call from his cuzin telling me he had die I really went crazy could nt believe the guy I loved for almost 8years had die ever since the dia he passaway I been dreaming about him but it has been 2weeks the I been dreaming about him the he looks at me very sad and crying and kind of mad... I am married now and love my husben plz help me I dont like the scared feeling of my dream when I get up.... Why is this going on???????
  • Mrs.P (9 years ago)

    I lost a good friend and teacher about 3 months ago, she came to me in a dream the other night and told me to get ahold of my friend "T" that something was wrong with her and she was sad. When I woke up that morning it was very vivid in my mind and I knew I had to get ahold of "T" it had been about 6 months since I last spoke with her, I told her about my dream and she told me that was really weird because she is currently having problems with her thyroid and the doctors can't figure it out. She goes in for a biopsy in the next week. It was really crazy but also wonderful still feeling that connection
  • Chantelle (9 years ago)

    My mum died 3 months ago. For weeks after, I could not see her in my dreams. I eventually, weeks later, saw her being led down her garden path by my brother - her back was to me and I didn't get to see her face. I had numerous other dreams where my brothers and I were in her house, but she was missing, she was always missing from the dreams. Always missing, or shrouded in shadow. Finally I had what I now know to be called a visitation dream. I was able to tell her I loved her and hug her..I had the feeling she couldn't stay for long, so I hugged her quickly before she could disappear.
  • donna (9 years ago)

    I dreamt a dead rat on the centre of the road on its side. Big reviling its belly etc but curled up. While I turned over in my sleep I looked and saw the dead rat inbetween my partner and me. What does this mean? I awoke screaming waking up myself and my partner.
  • Elaine (10 years ago)

    For at least 31 years I have dreamed of dead relatives the night before someone closely related to me dies, Not always the same entity. If someone on my Father's side goes, I dream of someone on his side of the family. Likewise for my Mothers side. I am empathic to a fault...But long distance knowledge of someones passing ???
  • Miss AGrey (10 years ago)

    I dreamt that i was in a church sitting on a bench with my hands in my lap, a lady ran down the asle, passed me and i then i saw my dead step-auntie she walked over to me, i asked her 'what she was doing?' she replied 'we have to get ready for the wedding', i then remarked 'that she was meant to be dead' she smiled at me and said 'i am dead' i then woke up. The church, the lady my step-auntie and myself has a glowing ray of light around us, it felt like i was dead as well and that i was in heaven. This dream happened a couple of weeks ago and still is worrying me, any thoughts????
  • Heather (10 years ago)

    I saw my mom holding a new born baby it was my mom and dads dad sat in a chair my daughter and nieces stood in the outside doorway not sure of there expressions ....... Not sure what to read into this dream either
  • November (10 years ago)

    I had a dream that my dead friend was watching me through a mirror. in the dream i woke up. it was dark outside. my sister was in my bathroom getting ready for work. i have this dresser with a mirror on it. i saw this face staring at me through the mirror in the dark. i screamed. my sister told mt to shut up. anyways i kept seeing him everytime it was dark out and id look in the mirror. i finnaly realized it was alex watching me through the mirror (my dead friend). what does this mean?
  • Jorge (10 years ago)

    I had a dream last night with my dead grandmother(died 17 years ago) and we were in the front of my house and she tells me do not cut the rose bush. Just then We look towards my house and a rose bush was there that was two stories tall. The only thing is that there weren't any roses. What does this mean?
  • Ali (10 years ago)

    I have dreamt of my father a few times since he died years ago when I was 22 ... I seem to visit his house, but its not where we lived. I feel upset when I see him, but we have no contact or mums also deceased and died a year before he did, but shes not with him.What could this mean and why do I dream about him but not my mum?

  • Jim (10 years ago)

    I dream of dead people all smiling and its a frozen smile, and all they do is stare at me and then walk by....It doesn't bother me its like watching tv...Its the 1st time i had this dream...normally i have alot of dreams, all in color and very vivid but mostly of sex...anyways theirs my death dream
  • seneca (10 years ago)

    I had a dream that i was going to walmart, and there was a bunch of ambulances and firetrucks and police cars, i walk up to go into walmart & of course you have to look and see whats going on, i see that a guy that was laying there dead, he had jumped off of the top of walmart, next thing you know, his kid had jumped off. & blood was everywhere.. i knew these guys from somewhere but i dont know where.what could this mean???
  • Shana Milcowen (10 years ago)

    I dreamed that I saw my dead mother, I saw her but I couldn't touch her or talk to her, What could this mean?
  • michele (10 years ago)

    I had a dream my nan who died back in 1984 was lying on the couch and she had a tear rolling down her cheek as i was stroking her face she wasnt saying anything to me just had tears rolling down her cheek
  • Ashley (10 years ago)

    I'm engaged but I keep dreaming about my best friend who passed on. In life we loved eachother very much. I made a decision not to act on it for fear of holding him back. He was taken unexpectedly by drowning. In my most recent dreams he and I run away from everyonee to be together. I keep yelling at him to avoid water at any cost but there's a flood and he says he has to go. We kiss and make love before I wake up. What does it mean??? Is he mad I'm moving on? I drept before that he told me he felt replaced....I'm heartbroken. I love him very much but he's not here
  • john (10 years ago)

    My granparents died 5 years ago,about 6 weeks apart after been together 50 years,they were dead about maybe 7/8 month before i dreamed of vivid,{in my dream} i woken frm sleep igo to investigate,my lobby light is on {its always off before bed}.and i go to there old room and my granpa sitting in chair in corner,granma sitting on bed,she stands up hugs me with a smile,my granpa stands up shakes my hand and tells me a series of numbers,then i go back to my bed.
  • matthew (11 years ago)

    I dreamt of my dead brother who was helping me fix lights so i could see the garden that we were working on.
  • Johnnie (11 years ago)

    Is someone out there who can tell what my dream meant. My father came to me about a month after he died I think in a dream and at the foot of the bed on my legs was something that looked like demon but I could hear my fathers voice coming though my mouth telling me to tell my mother that he knows what she did, and right after I was lifted off the bed into a bright blinding white light and in that light there appeared tb an angel.I can almost see a face that said fear not for I am with thee. Can anyone tell what happened to me or what it means?
  • sam (11 years ago)

    I had a dream about my father who passed a way years ago. i dreamed that i am hugging him and we were both crying...tell me plz wat does that mean.thx
  • Lisa (11 years ago)

    I once had a dream where I saw an old women in grey-white dress who lost her husband probably a year or so after their wedding. She had the wedding ring with her which she then one day gave to a girl who was about to get married. But on the wedding day that she lost her husband. The women in grey blamed it all on that platinum ring. She took it and had an intention to throw it away (this was where I had an illusion as if that women throwing it away was me)but before it could happen I woke up. [I didn't know any of these characters from the dream, except me if I were there can't say]


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