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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Michelle (1 week ago)

    My dead mother comes to my dream and she is always sick I opened the bath room door and she was there I asked her why she didn't put the lite on she was pulling the door to close it after that she went to the room and my kids was there and she tells me she dont have a pillow to sleep.
  • Charl (2 weeks ago)

    Hi, I dreamt that my husband broke my mom's vases/bowls. I picked up the pieces and counted the vases/bowls and said to him. You have to replace five of mom's vases/bowls. .... Do you know what this part of my dream means.After the glass I walked into another room and was helping my parents to move stuff out. In another room the floor was made of dark wood, but the wood seem unstable and some how, I think the floor was broken or something, cause I saw there was another floor underneath the dark brown one. It was a light...more
  • Nate (2 weeks ago)

    Dream father in casket and his eyes open it in his eyes was all black
  • Vita (2 weeks ago)

    I can only remember part of this long dream. Apparently my family decided to stay at an airbnb which was actually one of my old homes from college. I remember it looked different inside. The actual home was 2 stories with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms, but this home was 1 story with only 1 room inside with 2 beds. My mother had left for some unknown reason and my dad was staying on the other bed. I remember looking at the yellow cellphone charger very clearly before leaving the house for an unspecified amount of time. My father and...more
  • KR (3 weeks ago)

    First dream was about my father who has been dead for 7+ yrs. Can't remember the details except at the end he was saying for me to call someone, and I couldn't really hear who he was saying, and I woke up because I was saying it out want me to call Dj.The next day I dreamed of my dad and my mom both are past. Also some other relatives who are dead and some are alive. Also one of my sister's. And some vehicles, and being hit by traffic , twice . One of the friends In the...more
  • Twana (1 month ago)

    I dreamt of my late mom's grave being dug by someone I don't know and I couldn't see that person.I then went to seek helps from the person I'm close with who was her friend, while I was trying to call her out to come and help me... I was almost attacked by a tiger which was jumping over the wall trying to reach me and I heard a voice saying it won't harm bite me, it is harmless but it was reaching out trying to attack me. I then woke up from the dream. Please assist.
  • fishingboy (1 month ago)

    White dog waiting at front door
  • Stacey (1 month ago)

    There was a big hole in my chair and two spiders kept climbing in and out of this hole

  • Emmzee82 (1 month ago)

    I dreamed that I was in bed at my nans house. The bed was a single with walls all around it, only the foot was open. On the light fixture above the bed were 2 spiders - one was gold and spinning it's web, one was large and brown and fell on the bed (I woke up at this point). My Nan and my Mum were in the dream also, sat downstairs on sofa, my Mum was smoking a cigarette (doesn't smoke in real life). My Nan has passed on, my Mum is still alive.Any ideas what it means?
  • Rani (1 month ago)

    My father who just passed almost a year now. I saw him in my dream yelling at my oldest brother & crying . what does it mean?
  • Maria (1 month ago)

    I was looking at a beautiful big fish and it was alive
  • Kimmy (1 month ago)

    Dreamed twice that i was washing clothes
  • Molly (2 months ago)

    Had a dream about purple bananas?
  • Paris (2 months ago)

    I saw mushrooms in a footpath but didn't pick them
  • Holiness (2 months ago)

    I had a dream of a white bat flying inside a room and trying to land on head. I was covering my hair with my hands. I was with a lady in the room but can't recall who she was


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