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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

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  • Baby (1 day ago)

    I had a very pleasant dream of my late dog. He was very happy, playing with his toys.I miss him so much :(
  • Night_Dreamer (9 months ago)

    I had a dream I was on a train with no seats, only cots. I was sleeping on the one next to my mom, when we got a pie. To stay in the train, you had to look at the pie and eat it. Easy, right? Well, there was a hole in the pie. And all you could see was human flesh. My mom took a bite out of it, then showed me the pie. I then took a bite, revealing more human flesh. A girl. Now, on the cots, all you could see were these two peoples faces. Then,...more
  • Alexandra (11 months ago)

    Falling off a cliff in a car... never hitting the ground. Finding myself in a place not known.
  • G (11 months ago)

    I dreamt that that there was a lot of little black friendly young dogs around me and black rabbits and was following me and wanting to be close. And there was a change and I was in another world talking to people I am to believe weren’t alive anymore. And there was familiar faces beforehand giving out books and forcing people to take them
  • Jude (11 months ago)

    I dreamt of eating a cooked corn
  • AB (1 year ago)

    Less than a year ago I bought a fish tank and got some fish for it cuz I find it to be very relaxing to me.. recently I’ve had the the same, if not very similar dream about 4 times within a month or so.. that I wake up in the morning and go see my fish and they’re either all dead, ripped in half, and that my fish are basically killing/eating each other dead and the most recent one they were all bones left in the aquarium.. what this is trying to tell me ????
  • Anonymous (1 year ago)

    I dreamed of a tiger who was biting me and hurting me. It went to other animal to fulfill his stomach and i ran away. Then afterwards it finds me at night, i saw it but it didnt saw me. Then i yelled from behind the wall. It got scared and far away. Far from distance it stared at me. As it was night it didnt recognized me and yelled again. It ran away. plz help. Can u provide me the meaning??
  • maggie (1 year ago)

    I dreamt that my used to be best friend left me for someone else after we had a discussion, its like the fifth time ive dreamt about this, we did actually got into a fight and we're not friends anymore. what does this mean?

  • louie (1 year ago)

    I had the same dream twice last night. I was served 3 different kinds of cooked meat. When I tasted each one at a time, the results were the same : The 1st meat was OK, 2nd one was bitter and the 3rd one had no flavor. Curious what it might mean.
  • Daydreamer (1 year ago)

    I had a dream that some man working at a coffee shop told me he was my father and gave me coffee and food.. i wasnt surprised at all just like yeah what ever. And he was proud like thats my daughter!
  • Naa (1 year ago)

    My uncle had a dream of missing my late grandfather and he was crying ,I was crying as well
  • Pgte (1 year ago)

    Last night I saw a big red fish in the stream, I showed it to a friend, since they were planning to catch, I shoo away the fish and it swing into a mud water. What does it mean?
  • De-Arni (1 year ago)

    I dreamt that I stayed back at school, hoping to catch a glimpse of this school I heard of from rumours. I stayed in the bathrooms until the early hours of the morning then went to the classroom in which I heard the rumour happened. But went I went to the room. I was super scared. Nothing happened but I was scared. So I tried going and something locked the room. Last thing I see before it ended was this smiling face through the mirror.
  • Bunny (1 year ago)

    My high school sweetheart and I in reality are still good friends and we meet each other once a year in the school's homecoming day. The next homecoming day is coming soon, and he texted me that he is so looking forward to it.Then go the dream, he brought along his current girlfriend (he doesn't have one now in reality) for the homecoming day, which I was totally cool with. Instead of treasuring the one and only time of the year that we meet, he focused on his girlfriend and kept ignoring me. I talked to my high school old...more
  • Jodi (1 year ago)

    I dreamed I watched about 15 eagles soaring over a crystal clear lake. They were hunting. I felt peaceful and serene watching them. After that I was walking with a native american and he helped me find a loose eagle feather. I remember thinking I needed it for clensing my house. Any ideas how to interpret this one? It wasn't completely obvious like most dreams. I can interpret many off intution alone, but this one was of a different caliber.


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