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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • fishingboy (21 hours ago)

    White dog waiting at front door
  • Stacey (3 days ago)

    There was a big hole in my chair and two spiders kept climbing in and out of this hole
  • Emmzee82 (4 days ago)

    I dreamed that I was in bed at my nans house. The bed was a single with walls all around it, only the foot was open. On the light fixture above the bed were 2 spiders - one was gold and spinning it's web, one was large and brown and fell on the bed (I woke up at this point). My Nan and my Mum were in the dream also, sat downstairs on sofa, my Mum was smoking a cigarette (doesn't smoke in real life). My Nan has passed on, my Mum is still alive.Any ideas what it means?
  • Rani (1 week ago)

    My father who just passed almost a year now. I saw him in my dream yelling at my oldest brother & crying . what does it mean?
  • Maria (1 week ago)

    I was looking at a beautiful big fish and it was alive
  • Kimmy (2 weeks ago)

    Dreamed twice that i was washing clothes
  • Molly (3 weeks ago)

    Had a dream about purple bananas?
  • Paris (1 month ago)

    I saw mushrooms in a footpath but didn't pick them

  • Holiness (1 month ago)

    I had a dream of a white bat flying inside a room and trying to land on head. I was covering my hair with my hands. I was with a lady in the room but can't recall who she was
  • Maria (1 month ago)

    There were ants on the floor and my son who is now passed was sweeping them away; I would also like to ask you to take away a wide bar with 'Dreams Explained' written across it sits on the area we are trying to read
  • Darkmoonwanderer (1 month ago)

    My mother passed at least 20 years ago, but this dream she was telling me to quarantine and she kept repeating that to me!
  • Human (1 month ago)

    Two ahead of me another car on the side of the road. This car pushes the first car over to get on the road. The person ends up going across the field fasr but mNages to stop the befoe colliding with some trees. Smoke is coming from the surroundings and people are running to help the person in the car. I'm watching the entire scene.
  • I found a box full of German hand made watches (2 months ago)

    I found a box full of German Hand made watches and I was trying to find who would appraised them for me.
  • Nomusa (2 months ago)

    I dreamed of a fish suffocating, I tried to help it but it died, I got so worried until one of the sieving goldfish gave birth to twins
  • Maria (2 months ago)

    I had gone out and bought loaves of bread


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