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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Maureen (5 days ago)

    I dreamt of holding a man close to me, looking lovingly in each other,s eyes? Is it coming true?
  • mom (5 days ago)

    My daughter had ringworms on her face 7 of them on both sides, i asked her why she doesnt take care of herself. then she also had pillows on the tummy and wearing her husbands tshirts.
  • J.A.S. (1 week ago)

    I dreamt that my late Husband had been hiding behind the sofa for the last four years! I awoke cussing him. The strangest thing was it was the night before our 40th Wedding Anniversary and he jumped out, saying surprise surprise!
  • Kristin (1 week ago)

    I gave my mother a big white envelope which she opened and poured its content onto a table. Five keys came out of the envelope and each one had a different keyring. All the keyrings were of an organic nature, i.e. a tiny branch, a leaf, a little stick... I told my mother the keys were all for the same lock.
  • Gin (1 week ago)

    I have dreamt of a calico kitten held in my arms like a baby and I brought it to Mass with me
  • Sandra (2 weeks ago)

    A massive web with my self standing close by wanting too run away from web I start running the massive spider is following me Then bites me on my arm .What does this mean.
  • Fjgirlalive (2 weeks ago)

    I dreamt my father was beating this child and i ran in to protect this child thinking that he would because im his daughter but he didn't stop he was also coming for me, before he layed a punch on me i woke up as i was shocked that he would actually beat me as well.
  • Ynna (2 weeks ago)

    I was riding a red bicycle going home I guess.. kind a blurrry and then the brake suddenly cuts off luckily someone holds the steer to stop me.

  • Wanda (2 weeks ago)

    I was on a train and it fell down off track. I was on the train with others and had said the train go to fall. I was able to walk away with others put learn others were fatal.
  • Jojo (3 weeks ago)

    O dreamed that my Son was riddled with gunshot when I open his bedroom door.
  • Colin (3 weeks ago)

    Dream of a solar eclipse followed by snowfall
  • Joanne (3 weeks ago)

    I dreamt I had found a new born baby with the cord still attached and that a dog had been trailing around. I Had got the baby off the dog. Wrapped it up and phoned the police.
  • Tess (3 weeks ago)

    I dream I'm buying a new bed
  • Jean (3 weeks ago)

    Bite of scorpion
  • lis (3 weeks ago)

    I was washing up, piles and piles of plates and more waiting to be done


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