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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Marcia (17 hours ago)

    Dreamt my husband had a car accident and his front teethe fell out
  • Lori (4 days ago)

    I dreamt I was in a field and heard buffaloes from afar headed my way and I ran for safety. A huge body of water was near and thought about going in to the water to avoid being trampled by the near approaching buffalo herd.
  • Omi (1 week ago)

    I dreamed of helping someone build a wall so animals couldnt get to her but it was raining and the waters rose so I moved her camp to a higher area and tried to make a fire but heard a tiger roaring behind me, I turned and saw him and about 4 others just watching me, so I walked backwards to my house and the tiger just watched me, never attacked. Was always around when I tried to go outside.
  • Jean (1 week ago)

    Dream about found money in the sand and found a basket with lots of fish And money inside
  • Dalzie (2 weeks ago)

    I left work 8 years ago and dream frequently about the people I worked with the last two years. They're not happy dreams.
  • Nicole (2 weeks ago)

    I dreamt my husband had a new wife and they were opening a bar together but in my dream my husband was my father ..
  • alexander (2 weeks ago)

    Dreamt I was walking on the beach with my grandmather
  • Purch (2 weeks ago)

    Searching for loss nephew

  • Caroline (2 weeks ago)

    I was dreaming that I was hired to bake cakes for some kind of carnival, and in my dream my dead dog was next to me the entire time, and even someone mentioned that she was dead and I said, "Yes she was dead but now she's back." And within the dream I had a lost a cake and one of my previous bosses, kind of a nasty one, told me that my cake wasn't anywhere even though there were people around who said I had baked the cake.
  • gabi (3 weeks ago)

    I dreamt that my eye dripped on the floor and I tried picking it up numerous times
  • Debbie (3 weeks ago)

    I loss my mother 9/20. I dreamed last night that she was turned over in her coffin. What does this mean?
  • Confused (3 weeks ago)

    I’m on vacation and open my suitcase to find it empty except for a bathing suit and a pair of shoes.
  • Rosy (3 weeks ago)

    I dream the President and wife visit meThey were Happy I was Thrilled I was showing them the house I build. Across from the house I was living . Also , the plants were wilted but I stared to clean, fix, and water them the plants
  • Mel (3 weeks ago)

    I had a dream of seeing toilet filled with vomit
  • Anna (3 weeks ago)

    I often dream I have lost my purse


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