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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

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  • ANGIE (1 day ago)

    MY DAD PASSED 11-15-2019!!Lately I'VE Ben Dreamin Of Him!!"IS HE TRYIN 2 TELL ME SOMTHIN"???
  • Sharon (6 days ago)

    I dreamt of a baby turtle on the top of my cherry tree and the sun was shining intensly on it and I thought I have to bring it to the pond across the street before the sun dries it out. It appeared to have a smile on its face.
  • Bob (1 week ago)

    I had to climb as there was no stairs there
  • Punkin (1 week ago)

    I pulled up to my grandmothers home my cousin advised me that they are in there I walked in the house the house was dark my grandmothers my late grandmother who is deceased was in the hallway I open up the door to a room and my aunt was in the bed laying in the bed and it was dark
  • A. J (1 week ago)

    I dreamed that a small black and brown puppy appeared randomly in my room. I’m scared of dogs in real life and as well in this dream. I screamed and called for my friend and was running away from the dog but it kept following me. Like it liked me or needed me for something. My friend finally came and laughed saying the dog was harmless. Then she disappeared and I was still trying to avoid the small dog. Then a big dog came chasing the small dog out of anger. I got scared too and jumped up on a...more
  • Arvind (2 weeks ago)

    Somebody wants to snatch my house through witchcraft.
  • Rascal (3 weeks ago)

    What does it mean to have a dream that i am running with a chain through the house then the yard then on water, through space then through darkness and the chain just keeps unravelling
  • Karin (4 weeks ago)

    If i dream that someone who work with me tell me in my dream that my life is in danger, I must look out for my health, where I walk or drive because something bad is going to happen to me.

  • Kiffy (4 weeks ago)

    Was laying on couch playing with grandchild they actually came up to me with poop on their hands so I was telling them to go wash their hands and a big bull mastiff lates on top of me and as soon as I hugged him it turned into my deceased loved one.Can you define
  • sue (4 weeks ago)

    I dreampt about an 🦉 owl that was in a tree, the branches were barren and the owl was just sitting there on one of the branches. I went outside and i was walking toward a garden in front of me up on a levee, when the owl flew towards me. I had a shih tzu dog with me and i was scared that the owl would swoop down and take my dog.
  • Vero (1 month ago)

    Saw spiders flying
  • Dominic (1 month ago)

    In my dream, I represented a younger male, And my parents got me a dog. It was an all black Collie. I had named him buddy, and at first he was the nicest dog ever. But within a short amount of time, he started turning in to a really mean dog, always trying to bite me, always trying to be in my way, growling at me, overall just being a nasty dog to me. Eventually, he got so vicious that we would lock him into a bedroom and we tried to call someone who could take the dog, then i...more
  • Mj (1 month ago)

    I was at my own Wake, its morning and weird that I'm alive and entertaining my friends and relatives. Some people were sad and some were happy, where i even take selfies with them & smoke . Then one of my cousin from abroad approached me about her disappointment with one of our friends. My dream ends with me and my mom walking to view my coffin. - We never reached my coffin. Need help. What does this mean?
  • Tony (1 month ago)

    My dream was of being bricked up in a fire place
  • Riza (1 month ago)

    Broken telephone


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