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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • ARG (3 days ago)

    So this had 3 main elements.1. Kiss, I kissed this girl that I had a complicated time with. We liked eachother, then we didnt, then we rejected me, then I rejected her, whatever. We kissed twice, one before and after we saw the guy in the 3rd part2. Moving road? The things in airports that move you forward, we were on one of those, making a u turn as we kissed3. An ex-friend of mine was behind us, he liked her too, and I think he still does. Anyway, he was there and after the first kiss he stormed off....more
  • gramps (3 days ago)

    I dreamt that my father, who is deceased, purchase car tires for my ex-girlfriend, whose deceased, daughter and she never paid him for the tires.
  • Mimi (3 days ago)

    Dreamed my daughter had a white tiger it was grown and needed meat. We didn’t have enough to keep it happy so it was killing her other small animals
  • Ann (3 days ago)

    Had a dream that a person seemingly to be a doctor was examining a huge bump on my foot and puss an blood oozing out
  • Jem (6 days ago)

    Fish coming from the faucet
  • Day V B (6 days ago)

    Crying denotes laughter in reality. The harder you cry, the better the laughter. Had this dreams hundreds of times and all leads to a great laugh in reality. I've also studied dreams over 30 years and I've worked most of them out.
  • Day V B (6 days ago)

    Laughter in a dream means depression or tears in real life.The harder you laugh, the more you'll be upset.I've had it loads of times. Emotions in a dream are opposite in reality.
  • Otom (6 days ago)

    To see someone peeping at me

  • rita (2 weeks ago)

    I had a dream a bout a cousin and his family and kids with nice silver hair and beautiful faces, serving us a big dinner with lots of fish dishes and bread balls and baguettesthere were even lives fishes moving in the dishes alive with lots of colors glossy red white and blacki congratulated my cousin for being so young still and hugged him and then we went to a beautiful house to see my friends and my son had a nice gift for me of a beautiful painting on a stone of a nice colorful house paintingmy friend s...more
  • Terri (1 month ago)

    I was at my front door looking out, suddenly realised the door was open and standing outside was my cat and an aboriginal figure painted in stripes across all their bodies including the face. I realised a machete was coming down on me and I was going to die. But as I held my hands over my head and went down it was like I was already in my grave enveloped in darkness with earth above me and I surrendered to God to take. me.
  • Landen Altom (2 months ago)

    To dreams explained I have a question so I sold his mouth and will my dog died and I’ve been wondering if that was my dog and now that I read that I feel very curious and a little bit sad because I’ve had that dog since she was two years old and I was very young she was my favorite I would go out there and see if she wanted to play but she would never say yes and when she died it was very hard for me and when I read that and I saw the Mas I...more
  • Mama (2 months ago)

    Mama saw herself carrying coffin in dream
  • Sheleisa (2 months ago)

    Ok so I often have always had a dream of my grandfather and we are in a daisy feild on a bench and he says nothing ever and threw the years when I'd be stressed or scared or having a hard time he would come to me never say nothing just smiles at me well I recently got in a very serious relationship and I had this exact dream but my kids was off in the background playing I could hear them then my boyfriend is there sitting with us and he looks right at me and says I love...more
  • Namrata (2 months ago)

    I saw tiger chasing me and running towards me i escaped from it as my husband comes in between he was hurted but he killed tiger..dream came early in the morng
  • Robbo (3 months ago)

    Met an old friend in asda, caught her eye a few times around the store. Only spoke at checkout. She went in tight for cuddle, she started crying. I gave her kiss at cheek, i nearly started crying. Went on about how much she misses me. My Legs suddenly go numb,probably in real life and in dream. Starting at the park around where she and my late grandmother lived walking down the hill as if going to grans house the numbness returns. A guy sees if I'm alright and takes me down that side bit leading to the garage. At...more


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