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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Vero (1 week ago)

    Saw spiders flying
  • Dominic (1 week ago)

    In my dream, I represented a younger male, And my parents got me a dog. It was an all black Collie. I had named him buddy, and at first he was the nicest dog ever. But within a short amount of time, he started turning in to a really mean dog, always trying to bite me, always trying to be in my way, growling at me, overall just being a nasty dog to me. Eventually, he got so vicious that we would lock him into a bedroom and we tried to call someone who could take the dog, then i...more
  • Mj (1 week ago)

    I was at my own Wake, its morning and weird that I'm alive and entertaining my friends and relatives. Some people were sad and some were happy, where i even take selfies with them & smoke . Then one of my cousin from abroad approached me about her disappointment with one of our friends. My dream ends with me and my mom walking to view my coffin. - We never reached my coffin. Need help. What does this mean?
  • Tony (2 weeks ago)

    My dream was of being bricked up in a fire place
  • Riza (2 weeks ago)

    Broken telephone
  • AR (3 weeks ago)

    So I had a dream that I was being kissed passionately maltiple times but I could not see and did not know who it was, and not only that but it felt so real that I thought an actual person was kissing me while I was asleep... What is that supposed to mean?!
  • Chelle (3 weeks ago)

    Being chased by a gunman
  • Mary (3 weeks ago)

    I dreamed about a baby and I was climbing up some wire structure and the baby I had in my arms slips but I am able to grasp him and am holding him in one arm and holding on with my other arm. I am doing my best to not fall, I am dangling in the air, feeling hopeless and scared of falling with that baby. I woke up right at that moment.

  • Carly (3 weeks ago)

    I dreamt that I found out my dead nan was actually my birth mother, that she had twins (me and my twin sister, which in real life I dont have any sisters) but she was at a stage in life that she couldn't take on anymore kids. So she gave us up for adoption, I was adopted by my real life dad and mum, technically my dad is biologically my brother in the dream. My twin gets adopted by another family. I find out and confront my nan and she tells me the truth. I find my sister on facebook...more
  • Esther (3 weeks ago)

    My dad who recently passed was catching Tarantulas then he kept trying to put them on me or to touch one
  • Pregnant (1 month ago)

    Hi dreamt I was pregnant about to give birth
  • Bev (1 month ago)

    A Male dressed in green for Christmas just looking at me smiling
  • Abi (1 month ago)

    I had a dream that my friends dead mother gave me new clothes to wear and I wore them, my friend was in the dream too. I don’t know the interpretation, please help.
  • Bug (1 month ago)

    So I had a dream last night yelling at my father, he’s not allowed to see my son due to him sexually abusing me. He cried in my dream as I was screaming at him and my sister. I refuse for them to be around him to even have contact with them. They hate me so much. Like it’s my fault for being sexually abused
  • Dave (1 month ago)

    Dreamed I was awakened by wild dogs sleeping on me


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