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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Choylin Douglas (21 hours ago)

    My cousin sister dreamt that I was putting my stuffs our grand fathers coffin.
  • Bon (22 hours ago)

    I have the hammer and nails that nailed the head of my child mindlessly. Why does this dream is not good for me.
  • tina (1 day ago)

    My ear was detouched from my head hanging loos only one ear i kept on holding pressing it to my head
  • puzzled (1 day ago)

    506263 I dreamed that I had soiled myself while at some one's house, I could not find a washroom to wash up
  • CJ (2 days ago)

    I was in a old temple, there was many different antiques from egypt and many other different ancient places. After a while the lights went out I was then chased for what it felt to be an hour. After a very long time I had found a zombie looking thing that chased me onto an elevator, I don't know what I was thinking but I got on it and after going down about five feet it stopped, I went into a state of panic and then the lights went out. The elevator was very old so I thought it would...more
  • Jasmine (2 days ago)

    I saw my hand got cut and started bleeding
  • Lynnell (3 days ago)

    I was signing papers to marry someone I hardly knew and I didn't want to go through with it
  • Leo (3 days ago)

    I and my friends where in a known house, we knew and started looking for snakes inside the roof of the house, killed a lot (possible all). At the end, I saw two marks on my left thighs like I was bitten. I wasn't scared, I ate onion and later had my bath and drove to the pharmacy for treatment. I saw several of my loved ones and relatives, most of them were only observers. How can I interpret this.

  • Polly (4 days ago)

    Dreamt of two plastic knifes crossed
  • JW (4 days ago)

    Bieng attacked by great white sharks
  • Ning (5 days ago)

    I dreamed about a golden coloured cat running towards me and bite me on my arms
  • Joe (5 days ago)

    My shoes had a fluorescent light that wouldn't shut off
  • Louis Dixon (6 days ago)

    Usually dream of knocking on my door no matter where l am. It sounds so real. It all started after my Dad passed away. And before he was buried, l could hear his voice calling out my name on two occasions. And my friend also experienced it just 12 hours after. What does this mean?
  • Karl (6 days ago)

    I dream about a who thief my bag i bought and finding her, but i didn't find her
  • Rio (1 week ago)

    I'm pregnant and i had a dream of me dying while giving birth


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