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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Marriage?


For a woman to dream that she marries an old, decrepit man, wrinkled face and gray headed, denotes she will have a vast amount of trouble and sickness to encounter. If, while the ceremony is in progress, her lover passes, wearing black and looking at her in a reproachful way, she will be driven to desperation by the coldness and lack of sympathy of a friend. To dream of seeing a marriage, denotes high enjoyment, if the wedding guests attend in pleasing colors and are happy; if they are dressed in black or other somber hues, there will be mourning and sorrow in store for the dreamer. If you dream of contracting a marriage, you will have unpleasant news from the absent. If you are an attendant at a wedding, you will experience much pleasure from the thoughtfulness of loved ones, and business affairs will be unusually promising. To dream of any unfortunate occurrence in connection with a marriage, foretells distress, sickness, or death in your family. For a young woman to dream that she is a bride, and unhappy or indifferent, foretells disappointments in love, and probably her own sickness. She should be careful of her conduct, as enemies are near her. * See Bride.


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Others about dreaming about "Marriage"

  • Lynnell (2 years ago)

    I was signing papers to marry someone I hardly knew and I didn't want to go through with it
  • Good (2 years ago)

    Enjoying of getting married with a smart ghost of my own age
  • Yuri (6 years ago)

    I dreamed that my sister`s husband (who is getting divorced) marry another man.

  • isa (8 years ago)

    I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting married but we were in separate churchs and we had multiple services. I just wanted to talk to him so I called him during a break inbetween and I felt so happy hearing his voice. someone was trying to push my ex together tlso he could be a stand made me very angry and cousin, who i have been astranged too, the walked up to the church and gave me tulips and said he couldn't make it and was very sorry. He was wearing a black and white jacket...more
  • priya (10 years ago)

    I had a dream that my sister getting married. what it means??pls do reply
  • David (12 years ago)

    I had a dream that me and my girlfriend got married but it was crap as everyone was being mean to us. and so we ran away and we were happy. what it mean?.


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