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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Witch?


To dream of witches, denotes that you, with others, will seek adventures which will afford hilarious enjoyment, but it will eventually rebound to your mortification. Business will suffer prostration if witches advance upon you, home affairs may be disappointing.


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Others about dreaming about "Witch"

  • Cin (1 year ago)

    I dreamt of being on a beach. There was a Sea Witch who I did not see. She has my gold earing that I lost on the beach. I was told she returns every 56 yrs...
  • Renee (1 year ago)

    I dreamed of a witch with glowing eyes she was yelling at me or cursing me and lifted me to the sky but once I started praying it released me
  • Tom (2 years ago)

    When I was a young child, I would always have this dream where a witch would stuff me an my family with hay, and then attach strings to us so that we could move, I still wonder why this was such a common dream.
  • mb (5 years ago)

    I had a dream last night that I was on a ship and a witch predicted my death. i saw the death, on the ship with my friends. I woke up and then instantly fell back asleep and into the dream. The people on the ship were directing us to move to the back (where these events would take place) My friends all moved. I declined and stayed put. She appeared beside me sitting on the ship. and said i need to go. i looked at her and said i am not going to die on this ship, repeatedly. then i woke up. what does this mean.
  • Prabhakar (5 years ago)

    I'm from India . Last night while in bus. I saw myself in my house and near my window I saw a witch like structure near my bed window looking at my wife . I'd try to alert her but she couldn't hear . The witch had black hair and completely red .pls tell me is it supernatural
  • Beck (5 years ago)

    I dreamed I was on my back porch during the night and I noticed a small bonfire with people sitting around it. As you can imagine the people were wearing black robes and were conducting some sort of chant? Or ritual? Not sure how many were sitting around it, maybe 3 or 4? When I noticed them, one looked up at me and then got up and began wanting me to take part in whatever they were saying and repeat some sort of language I've never heard of. At that point I was super frightened and started to freak out because it felt devilish? Something dark? I was so scared I tried to run back into the house, But there was someone in a black hooded robe standing in front of the door. The one person who stood up earlier was trying to tell me I had to go to whatever was under that blacked out hooded robe and seal the spell with a kiss. And from there I stood in fright, slightly looking up because it was a little taller than me. So not knowing what was under the robe, I could still see some sort of dark red on the face and piercing bright eyes? And I felt the presence of a woman. She then put her hand on the back of my head real gently like and pulled me closer and then began to kiss me..... And it was magical. I was Scared to death to now in love. It was the sweetest, most affectionate, intimate kiss I've ever had. So much love and energy! it was magnificent. It was so great that I am on this site to tell you how awesome it was. (Which is something I've never done before.) I woke up this morning in love...... with some witch in my dream? Which is weird because I never watch any witch movies or think of anything like that of witchcraft. But I can tell you my heart hasn't felt this much excitement in a very long time. I don't know what a love spell is but this is got to be it. I hope I dream of her again tonight. So what does all of this mean? I've been searching the web and cannot find any information that relates to this type of dream. I guess it could mean I'm lonely? but why a witch?
  • mandy (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that a witch is living in my house and killing everyone my family and friends except me what it means.. ....????
  • Michelle (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was six-months pregnant and was planning my baby shower. After the shower was done I went home with my husband and laid in bed. I closed my eyes and I saw a witch rubbing my stomach and saying my baby was dead.

  • Tasha Nicole (5 years ago)

    Its a dream that i had as a child, that a Witch chased me and i would run to by bed and get under the blankets and it seemed she was trying to get me feet. Im now 37 years old and this dream has always stayed with me.
  • Mk (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that I left work for 20 minutes to go to this house of witches that was a museum. Something didn't feel right so I tried to leave and the car was missing. I couldn't leave. And then everyone started to get killed. I saw the ghost of the witch in front of me. My friend wasn't afraid, she went right after her and then got killed to. Then I woke up.
  • trevaughn brown (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that a witch was waiting downstairs in the basement, I knew if I had chosen to walk past the basement something would happen, she reached out from the basement and dragged me down, I wasn't scared nor entertained but more analytical of the situation( I should mention I offered my soul to the devil but for a price I'm sure he's not willing to pay)
  • Katelin (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was the witch. In the dream, I was at my house, and some other witches came to my house. When I let them in, they immediately tested me, and I was one of the most powerful witches they've ever seen. I really don't know what this dream means.
  • Jose (7 years ago)

    I had a dream that a witch was chasing my sister bother and I and and we killed the witch and some how she came back alive and the witch some how took over my brothers body and hid his real body underwater where he couldn't breath we had the witch take us to where we could get him but tricked us by cutting up vegetables and other things and then the witch was resurrected and left.
  • keith slagle (9 years ago)

    I had a dream that a witch was sitting at The end of my bed. She was saying something but I couldn't understand what it was.after she was done talking she said here show you smoke and a skull came out from the top of the wall. I said can you show me how to do that. she said in time, she touched my head everything became really dizzy. I fail back then I woke up. can someone tell me what this means.
  • Carla (11 years ago)

    I had a dream that my friend stabbed me, I think it was game but she ended un stabbing me in the shoulder, it really hurt then I had to get stitches, and I am afraid of needles so I was afraid in my dream too!
  • Roberta (11 years ago)

    I dreamt that a witch touched my hand and she looked me in the eyes and i looked away, i didn't like her touching me and she said you might die.


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