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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

White Moth

What does it mean to dream about White Moth?


To dream of a white moth, foretells unavoidable sickness, though you will be tempted to accuse yourself or some other with wrong-doing, which you think causes the complaint. For a woman to see one flying around in the room at night, forebodes unrequited wishes and disposition which will effect the enjoyment of other people. To see a moth flying and finally settling upon something, or disappearing totally, foreshadows death of friends or relatives.


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Others about dreaming about "White Moth"

  • Landen Altom (3 years ago)

    To dreams explained I have a question so I sold his mouth and will my dog died and I’ve been wondering if that was my dog and now that I read that I feel very curious and a little bit sad because I’ve had that dog since she was two years old and I was very young she was my favorite I would go out there and see if she wanted to play but she would never say yes and when she died it was very hard for me and when I read that and I saw the Mas I was happy and I named The moth Molly because that was my dogs name and thank you very much for telling me that .

  • Jaeren Vynolis (5 years ago)

    Well, I've just woken up from this dream with lots of white or pale-coloured moths flying around the place.The dream takes place outside, but for some reason there is an office layout there and a lamp (?) that's there is casting light on the moths and a girl/young woman I end up accompanying hurriedly away from the scene as we are both afraid.I don't know this person and have met none of her likeness before (that I can remember).I can't quite remember, but some might have landed on me.What could this all mean?


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