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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Weather?


To dream of the weather, foretells fluctuating tendencies in fortune. Now you are progressing immensely, to be suddenly confronted with doubts and rumblings of failure. To think you are reading the reports of a weather bureau, you will change your place of abode, after much weary deliberation, but you will be benefited by the change. To see a weather witch, denotes disagreeable conditions in your family affairs. To see them conjuring the weather, foretells quarrels in the home and disappointment in business.


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Others about dreaming about "Weather"

  • Viento (1 year ago)

    Yes... Rain... Heavy... Sometimes with thunder... Though resent accompanied with a carnival at the end... Where I found refuge in an old abandoned auditorium... Reflecting on my dream... & cause of my distress.

  • Chantel (4 years ago)

    Every single dream I can remember has had an eerie and ominous atmosphere. its never peaceful and sunny, instead always rain and thunder following a strange occurrence in my house or a house I have never seen before but continuously am there. There is the master bedroom that I go into each time that has a small door on the right that leads down to a cellar and up to the attic. Finding a young boy or belongings is usually what happens. Also dreaming of being at a carnival/fair next to the ocean by a city and theres a huge storm and tsnami.


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