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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Tiger?


To dream of a tiger advancing towards you, you will be tormented and persecuted by enemies. If it attacks you, failure will bury you in gloom. If you succeed in warding it off, or killing it, you will be extremely successful in all your undertakings. To see one running away from you, is a sign that you will overcome opposition, and rise to high positions. To see them in cages, foretells that you will foil your adversaries. To see rugs of tiger skins, denotes that you are in the way to enjoy luxurious ease and pleasure.



Others about dreaming about "Tiger"

  • Scott O Sullivan (8 years ago)

    I looked out a window overlooking my back garden, behind a concrete dance I saw a fully grown tiger, pacing around a field. (In reality there is no field) I knew my 2 dogs were out in the backyard so I ran downstairs to bring them inside, I went outside picked up the 5 month old pup, and led the other dog inside. I then went back outside with the pup in my arms because I forgot something, then I heard the tiger roar and break through the concrete fence, it charged at me, and reached me within a second. I feared for both our lives, and stared the tiger in the eyes, and began to back away. This is when I woke up!
  • suzie (10 years ago)

    I had a dream I was at my mothers visiting my kids and she leaves her pet tiger in the house. I am putting the kids to bed and the two pet tigers begun fighting and then turning on my kids. The starting tearing my oldest boy apart and something is holding me back from helping him. I continue fighting this like force holding me back trying to get to him as I watch in horrible attack on him. I break free and get him free but he is tore apart and got the gun from her safe. Then I woke up
  • karen (10 years ago)

    I WAS dreaming of my cat jumping from the car then i freaked and started to wake up looking at the wall there was a huge 3d tiger liked popped out of the wall stearing at me wasnt colour black and white very confused about this dream because was there stearing at me for some time
  • Weird (10 years ago)

    I had the weirdest dream. In my dream i had a baby pet tiger who was very loyal to me. It was a female tiger who can talk. We were talking about her life and told me she was sexully accused by my close relatives. I also taught her tricks and we were having a good time together.

  • Trina (10 years ago)

    I was driving dwn the road not payin attention..then a tiger jumped out n I awoke just as i hit it
  • freaked out (11 years ago)

    Im sitting on a train with loads of my school friends with me and my teacher. on the way we pass this total abandoned area with broken buildings and construction work. buts it looks isolated. we stop in the missle of nowhere and get of the train. my teaher says weregoing to explore this site. me and my friend walk up a path that leads to a giant, humoungous tree. everybody else is way back by the station when suddenly my techer shouts beware of the tiger. i get really freaked and see 2 red eyes from within the tree trunk. and suddenly this timer appears and goes red,i climb up a tree and my friend runs and the tiger comes out, but she reaches everybody else before the timer goes red. im standing on a branch and the tiger looks up at me. it looks shit scary and the timer starts agen but quickly goes red and the tiger jumps and i wake up from my dream all sweaty and shit scared!!!!! freaked me out bad
  • Coleen (11 years ago)

    This is not the first time I have seen a Tiger in my dreams. The first time was in 1980.That ended in a death.This time the Tiger was in a lying posision, his eyes stayed on me as I moved about. It left me shaken.


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