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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Teeth?


An ordinary dream of teeth augurs an unpleasant contact with sickness, or disquieting people. If you dream that your teeth are loose, there will be failures and gloomy tidings. If the doctor pulls your tooth, you will have desperate illness, if not fatal; it will be lingering. To have them filled, you will recover lost valuables after much uneasiness. To clean or wash your teeth, foretells that some great struggle will be demanded of you in order to preserve your fortune. To dream that you are having a set of teeth made, denotes that severe crosses will fall upon you, and you will strive to throw them aside. If you lose your teeth, you will have burdens which will crush your pride and demolish your affairs. To dream that you have your teeth knocked out, denotes sudden misfortune. Either your business will suffer, or deaths or accidents will come close to you. To examine your teeth, warns you to be careful of your affairs, as enemies are lurking near you. If they appear decayed and snaggled, your business or health will suffer from intense strains. To dream of spitting out teeth, portends personal sickness, or sickness in your immediate family. Imperfect teeth is one of the worst dreams. It is full of mishaps for the dreamer. A loss of estates, failure of persons to carry out their plans and desires, bad health, depressed conditions of the nervous system for even healthy persons. For one tooth to fall out, foretells disagreeable news; if two, it denotes unhappy states that the dreamer will be plunged into from no carelessness on his part. If three fall out, sickness and accidents of a very serious nature will follow. Seeing all the teeth drop out, death and famine usually will prevail. If the teeth are decayed and you pull them out, the same, only yourself, is prominent in the case. To dream of tartar or any deposit falling off of the teeth and leaving them sound and white, is a sign of temporary indisposition, which will pass, leaving you wiser in regard to conduct, and you will find enjoyment in the discharge of duty. To admire your teeth for their whiteness and beauty, foretells that pleasant occupations and much happiness will be experienced through the fulfilment of wishes. To dream that you pull one of your teeth and lose it, and feeling within your mouth with your tongue for the cavity, and failing to find any, and have a doctor for the same, but to no effect, leaving the whole affair enveloped in mystery, denotes that you are about to enter into some engagement which does not exactly please you, and which you decide to ignore, but will later take it up and secretly prosecute it to your own disquieting satisfaction and under the suspicion of friends. To dream that a dentist cleans your teeth perfectly, and the next morning you find them rusty, foretells you will believe your interest secure concerning some person or position, but you will find that they have succumbed to the blandishments of an artful man or woman.


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Others about dreaming about "Teeth"

  • misty (6 years ago)

    I dream I had a black string pulling it thru my teeth to take it out
  • Marshall (6 years ago)

    I have this reoccurring dream where I press my tounge against my teeth and they begin to fall out. It's scarey thinking that something as simple as touching ones tounge to their tooth could make it just fall out. My grandmother has told me that she has also had this dream before.
  • Joy (6 years ago)

    I dreamt that i had to put braces but the end was attached to a toothe with a crown. The crown fell off. I had to remove braces. But a dentist friend secured back the crown in place. I cannot remember if she placed back the braces.
  • Hamza (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that my mum help me to clean my mouth and remove all the bad teeth
  • Junaid (6 years ago)

    In my dream i start off in a fast car with one of my good friends and most of the dream is spent like this. I then offer to buy food for us and go to a takeaway. In there I ask for the food and start waiting for my order. There is a girl with black hair and she's asking her little brother something. She then turns around and asks me what the most beautiful part of her face is. I see her and I am taken aback by her beauty. Her complexion is flawless. She's not even wearing makeup, this is her natural beauty. I step back and feel overwhelmed by her beauty. I have to be supported by a bench and then I say your beautiful. Then I reply to her question with your eyes. Her eyes are not blue or green or turquoise it's an entirely different colour but it's epic.I can feel some love for her and it's weird but I felt content in my dream. I ask her if shes a model but she laughs and says no. I tell her that she should be.She then picks up her order and goes I wave at her but she doesn't say anything. She just goes. I then wake up and I contemplate my dream. I cry a little. I wish I see a girl like this in real life.
  • Tiggs (6 years ago)

    I dreamt I was sawing through my teeth , one molar on each side . I could see the damage I had done and questioned myself in my dream as to why I had done this , strange I know and very curious as to what it might mean
  • Crystal (6 years ago)

    Teeth growing on the side of my gums.
  • Narcisse (6 years ago)

    In my dream I was wrestling with DWAYNE wade and his head knocked off one of my front tooth. Also in my dream lebron James was there too.
  • Angelickiss (6 years ago)

    I have reoccurring dreams of feeling myself bite down as hard as I can and feeling the pressure of my teeth until my teeth start to break while this is happening I'm crying and trying to Jam my own fingers into my mouth trying to stop biting down. But I don't make my fingers bleed. The pressure doesn't stop and my teeth keep slowly breaking...then I wake up. What does it mean?
  • Carol (6 years ago)

    Good afternoon my friends! I have a friend that's going in to have dentures and I don't know anything about dentures to give her good advice. Does anyone have dentures that could give me some reassurance to give her? She is worrying all about it. If she should do it or if she shouldn't. If there are any complications, etc.Thank you have a great day.

  • Andrea (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that my gums had holes in them and you could see ny teeth and or the roots of the teeth through the holes in the gums. Can anyone tell me what that means??
  • Tyler (6 years ago)

    I had a dream where one of my front teeth started to hurt, and then it fell out. My other front tooth then slid over to where my other tooth had fallen out, and then in the empty spot where my tooth was, something black started falling out on my gums, and it kept falling out, and it felt so real, I could feel my mouth, my gums, my teeth and the roof of my mouth hurting. And then once the whole thing fell out of my mouth, it was just this huge, black metal thing that I was holding in my hand. I don't understand what that is supposed to mean, it's freaking me out a little bit, it's caused me to get even less sleep than what I did before I had the dream. Can someone help me try to understand what it was supposed to mean?
  • Reen (6 years ago)

    Last night I dreamt that my upper as and lower teeth were crushing against each other.I was really struggling so hard to overcome the pressure from both sides but I couldn't. Then I felt as if some of my teeth were loose and only to woke up in the morning with an unusual headache... it feels like my jaws are tired(like after chewing for too long) my forehead also has some pain(I don't even know how to describe it,but it's soo unusual).It has been like this the whole day,I took painkillers but it never worked..i don't understand what's all these...can someone explain this better please?
  • Lena (6 years ago)

    I dreamt my 3 year old daughter lost her first tooth, the top left front and I was so happy.
  • Just me (6 years ago)

    Had a dental implant recently, have veneers in the front. Dreamt that my implant was actually one of the front veneers and that it moved separately from the rest of my top front teeth, it actually moved on its own separately from the gums on a finger-like gum. Gone thru a ton of very expensive dental work and I'm afraid of going for dental visits even though my dentist is awesome. Wtf does this dream mean?
  • ann (6 years ago)

    I dream about this guy that. I'm getting to know. it appears that he has no teeth, and I was wondering why he didn't have any teeth in the dream, but when I got closer I saw Two teeth in the front. the top two teeth was as if they were sitting back in the mouth and they look like they needed cleaning and the two teeth Had a gap between the teeth
  • Jade (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that my bottom two teeth were enlarged and knocking against my top teeth, grinding together. and I couldn't open my mouth without them breaking. This dream has happened 4-6 times in a row
  • Janet (6 years ago)

    Last night I had a weird dream about my brother loosing an upper tooth and then all his upper teeth falling bleeding. I'm still scared and can't seem to forget it .
  • Houston, TX (6 years ago)

    Dream of loosing teeth I learned means lies/serets are about to be revealed to whomever it's being kept from. I've had that deam a few times in my life.
  • ELSIE (6 years ago)

    My 4 year old woke up telling me she dreamt her mouth was bleeding and her teeth came out. Again she is only 4yrs old! Can anyone tell answer this??????


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