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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Kiss?


To dream that you see children kissing, denotes happy reunions in families and satisfactory work. To dream that you kiss your mother, you will be very successful in your enterprises, and be honored and beloved by your friends. To kiss a brother or sister, denotes much pleasure and good in your association. To kiss your sweetheart in the dark, denotes dangers and immoral engagements. To kiss her in the light, signifies honorable intentions occupy your mind always in connection with women. To kiss a strange woman, denotes loose morals and perverted integrity. To dream of kissing illicitly, denotes dangerous past-times. The indulgence of a low passion may bring a tragedy into well-thought-of homes. To see your rival kiss your sweetheart, you are in danger of losing her esteem. For married people to kiss each other, denotes that harmony is prized in the home life. To dream of kissing a person on the neck, denotes passionate inclinations and weak mastery of self. If you dream of kissing an enemy, you will make advance towards reconciliation with an angry friend. For a young woman to dream that some person sees her kiss her lover, indicates that spiteful envy is entertained for her by a false friend. For her to see her lover kiss another, she will be disappointed in her hopes of marriage.


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Others about dreaming about "Kiss"

  • Shh (5 years ago)

    My daughter ushered me into the living room after breakfast and she told me that she had a dream about having sex with her female best friend. They're both ten. She said that they were kissing very passionately as well, and she asked me what to do. I don't know what she should do though. Also, she's said that the dream is happening every other day in different places. Apparently, they were 22 (the best friend) and 21 (my daughter), what do I do?
  • Gail Vu (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that we were at war or something. I got impaled by a spear and was dying on the ground. My crush comes running over and takes me into his arms so he is cradling me. He keeps muttering, "no, no, this can't be happening". He knows I'm about to die, and as I take my last breath, he kisses me on the lips (I have never been kissed before, and he doesn't know I like him- although my friend asked him if he liked me and he said yes to her). At the last second, his lips revive me, and I lay there in his arms as we cry together and I kiss him back. I'm kind of confused about what to do next.
  • Chiquis (5 years ago)

    My ex boyfriendo told me that he dreamed that he dreamed that he was in a party with me and that we both started dancing and then we started kissing but in the middle of the kiss he saw me sitting down and then realized he wasnt really kissing me. He was just kissing another person that looked like me and so I left running from the party, nad he came after me trying to explain that it was all a mistake but I wouldnt listen to him, after calming down a bit i looked at him and left him standing there and so he just screamed a promise ( a promise that he made me a long time ago when we were dating) so he made that same promise nad I just turned arpund but still left him. What does this mean?Please HELP ♥♥♥♥
  • Alessandra (5 years ago)

    I dreamed that I was at a party and had a cup of alcohol in my hand and then I started dancing and my crush was sitting down at another table. So then he also started to dance and so I left to go dance with him (my crush) and then I started to kiss him and all of a sudden I turned around and my crush was sitting down so then I realized I wasnt really kissing my crush, I was just kissing another person that looked like my crush. I saw how my crush left crying and went after him and he would just keep runing so I called him and tried to explain to him that I thought I was kissing him but he wouldnt listen so he just calmed down a bit but then lookd at me and turned around and left me. So when he left I just screamed a promise that I made him (a promise that I made him in the real life a time ago)but he turned around and when he was about to tell me if he was going to stay I woke up. What does it mean?
  • Name (5 years ago)

    I dreamt about a perfect evening, the stars shining, and a boy I didn't know but I knew him in my dream somehow and I was older than I am now and we were dancing and then we kissed. Why?
  • boby beans (5 years ago)

    I was sitting in class grade 8 across from my crush I have always had a crush on her then everyone but me and her disaper then she comes and sits right on my dick witch of course is hard she gigles and says she wants to do it she has never really shown interest in me before so this was a suprise she than starts to get undresst I do to me and her kiss for 45 minutes than she says she wants me so hard we do it for 69 minutes than she asks me to marry her then I wake up.
  • Evelyn (5 years ago)

    I had a dream where two boy in my class who are usually kinda jerks to me came over to comfort me because I was crying. They both start next to me and apologized for being mean to me the one of them kissed my neck and I pushing him off and I tried to hold both of there hands. The one that kissed my neck got up and left because I didn't choose so I stood up. When I tried to kiss the other boy on the cheek he turned away and then got up and left. If anyone wants to tell me what this means I would appreciate it a lot
  • Rue (5 years ago)

    Tonight I fell asleep for 15 min. In that time I dreamed of being in an ancient dinning hall and reconnecting with old friends. Soon after I had a moment kissing a woman that exposed as an old friend but moments after seductively kissing her, this beautiful young woman began to turn into a woman that looks 10,000 years old and I woke up. But moments after deep down inside I felt like she was my soul mate. Any wisdom and knowledge on this please contact me thanks! @ ruel111@Hotmail.Com
  • Kaye (5 years ago)

    In my dream we were a group of friends. I dont know all of them in real. I was wounded on my right knee and my guy friend offer to carry me on his back but I said, "I can't, it really hurts." Then i started to cry and I was shocked because He kiss me on my lips and it really feels good and relaxed. I almost forgot the pain. Hmmm.. I guess we were lovers or friends on my dream because looks like we know each other there. I can also clearly see his face and his handsome. But when I wake up, Can't remember his face :'( and the feeling of that kiss feels real. Until now i can still remember how he kiss me and im touching my lips everytime i remember that guy's kiss. :( what does it mean?
  • Walid AlRifai (5 years ago)

    I dreamt that a girl was running toward me in the park and she kissed me in the neck and that girl was with me in the school and I love her so much

  • Charlie (5 years ago)

    I dreamt that I was in a room with a girl in my class we wernt really friends in real life then we started French kissing then I woke up
  • Mark (5 years ago)

    I had a dream about a girl I liked and sure she like me, as I was younger I didn't have balls to make a move but I haven't seen her in ages and I had a dream me and her were in a room, we snuggled and we both kissed and continued to stay closeWhat did this dream mean?
  • bamba (6 years ago)

    I dreamed that me and my boyfriend sleeping together but on his other side i saw my old friend sleeping on his other side and he hug kiss her. His facing to her.
  • Sue (6 years ago)

    I dreamed my high school sweetheart was kissing me very passionately. Does this mean he is thinking of me.
  • Janice (6 years ago)

    I dreamt that i kissed my co worker.I was dancing when he stood in front of me and copied me. And he was smirking. I didn't like it when he did that ,so i kissed him on the lips. He was shocked. And the kiss felt real too! What does it mean?
  • Egal5 (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that I really passionately kissed a boy that I have been having mixed feelings for... I'm now so upset that it wasn't real and I don't know what to do
  • Anonymous (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that this boy I've never met kissed me and we were like bf/gf.... He would bring me stuff everyday and now I can't stop thinking about who it could be😕 Any ideas?
  • Dream44 (6 years ago)

    I had a dream that i was standing at the bottom of a street, the neighborhood street look normal but it gave me a little suspicious feel almost as if it was vacant , and I started walking and then started running. As I ran the street seemed longer and when I was walking I noticed a guy sitting on his porch but I just didn't care because I just had this feeling like I needed to run I needed to let all this energy out. While running I seemed to fall but I didn't stop moving I just started moving all crazy almost like I was having a seizure and I was just kicking and my neck was doing weird movements. The guy that was watching me from his porch came running to me and grabbed me and hugged me. He kissed my forehead and he made me feel better. Somehow we were on his porch and I was kissing him. He would move back and tillted my head one way then start kissing again and then he would repeat that same pattern. The kiss was good, it calmed me but then I realized I was dreaming and I got nervous. Even though he was a stranger and I knew I was dreaming I continued to play in his hair and kiss him with passion but then some warm liquid (I'm guessing saliva) started to feel my mouth and I wasn't spitting it out it was just leaking out of my mouth creating a bitter taste in my mouth. I pushed back and he looked at me with a knowing look and we continued to kiss. I don't know if I was just slobbering in my sleep and since I knew I was dreaming it just had affect on my dream. The kissing seemed to last centuries long. I can't remember the guys face but I can remember he was wearing all black but something was read, like maybe his shoes where red and black. He had black medium gauges in his ears and his hair was black with an swoop to it... Technically he seemed a little emo. He had really pale skin and black eyes. All in all this dream scared me a little anyone had a similar dream or anyone knows what it mean?
  • ..... (6 years ago)

    I dreamed of one of my crush I've had for a vary long time I been wanting to tell him that I love him but I can't I was scared he might tell everyone in the whole school, so on he last day of school I left and was never coming back and went to another school I was sad and crying about why didn't I get the chance to tell him I love him, and I never got to see ever again till I saw him at a fair I was about to tell him but then I stop and walked back he notice me and said hi and I said hi then his friends was calling him to come with them on this ride and I was just about to tell him but my friends were around and I knew how they were act so I didn't say anything about telling that i love him, then as soon as I went home I regret everything that just happened because that was the last time I will ever get to see him, I was crying and I was all sad and I can't stop think of him and then I had this dream were I was with him in my new school he was there I was there and there was a school party and after the party I was walking out of the school back to my house and then he told me to hold his hand then he said na... just kidding I'm cool now and then before I can leave he gave a kiss on the cheek and then before he can leave I gave him a kiss on the cheek and when I placed my lips on his cheek I woke up and I started crying please help me with this problem his name is Brandon that all I can tell and this is a true story I'm telling u all this happened in real life please help me what should I do if I can't tell him that I love him if I won't be seeing him anymore... also one thing I'm only 12 years old telling this story please help me with this problem I can stop thinking of him...
  • bailey hughes (6 years ago)

    So it was dark outside and me and my two friends went driving and one of my friends got down to talk with one of my friends brother and she had told him that I had just broken up with a guy and he asked for the name so she told him the first name cuz she didn't know his last so I said it out loud and she then told him and he Parks his car gets down and walks up to my window and gives me a disappointed look then goes to the window and kisses me and walks away and drives off while I'm in like shock and we then drove away but then I woke up freaked out cuz me and his sister are really good friends and are on the same softball team so i see him every day to pick her up and it's just weird


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