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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Hospital?


If you dream that you are a patient in a hospital. you will have a contagious disease in your community, and will narrowly escape affliction. If you visit patients there, you will hear distressing news of the absent.


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Others about dreaming about "Hospital"

  • Da (4 months ago)

    Hospital parent visit

  • Cindy (8 years ago)

    Okay, I've had a couple disturbing dreams within the past week but they've confused me more than disturbed me.. The one that bothered me most is the most recent one in which My older sister and I had went to visit my grandmother at the hospital and she was possessed.. Her behavior was just extremely strange and erratic (that of the behavior in your typical exorcism movie).. In the dream I felt the fear, not of my grandma, but of knowing she was possessed.. The hospital and hospital staff seemed as if there was no order or cleanliness.. It was dysfunctional, sloppy, hectic, and felt like there was just no unison.. I woke up disturbed and confused.. I don't know if the fact that I just recently found out that she is in stage 3 of kidney disease has to do with it and she's worked In a hospital for the past 37 years... I cannot decipher my dream.. I try to research it but I get nothing... Anything on this particular dream would be appreciated..


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