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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

High School

What does it mean to dream about High School?


To dream of a high school, foretells ascension to more elevated positions in love, as well as social and business affairs. For a young woman to be suspended from a high school, foretells she will have troubles in social circles.


Dream symbols related to High School:


Others about dreaming about "High School"

  • ariana (7 years ago)

    It was very scary my high school has been closed and i was still inside screaming but no one heared me and i though i was gonna die in there!
  • Catelynn (7 years ago)

    I just had this dream the other day pretty creepy...I was a freshman in highschool and me and my friends didn't know where to go so we asked a teacher and went to the cafeteria and all these kids were so disrespectful; throwing drinks on this administrator (same one everytime) and my cousin was sitting next to me licking this famous guys face (weird I know..) and then this girl poured orange juice all over this lady (the administrator) and then all this water fell onto our heads like everyone's and then everyone left well ran out the room except for me and two tables and the principle whatever he was and we were looking at him like "is this real?" "Do we go?" Then he was like "Dont look at me go!" So we got up went outside I found my friend and we were like what do we do and there were all these lines and people so then I got in a small group then out of nowhere everyone is gone like in these busses so my group went into a bus I was sitting next to the bus driver (it was like a fancy bus) my cousin in the back and this ginger in the way back (and somehow I also got a new group) so then I look at the "driver" and he's like a younger kid but were like already leaving the school so I was like in my head like "where are we going" panicking and stuff then I think I said it to him (he transformed into a older guy like really pedo) and there was this crack on his window so he grabbed the ginger girl and placed her next to him and was all like a pedo and stuff like "you look so pretty" and then he banged her head on the crack. Then we stopped and these police were looking for us and the guy got out of the car like "you got ___ seconds to defend me" something like that so I jumped in the back protecting my cousin I had two knifes and then he opened the back door and was like come on defend yourself then he used his nails like really long nails and scrapped them against my skin and then I was like I could hop out the trunk do this do that and then the sene changed and I was with my cousin looking at the sky and it was like orange and thundering and I was like we better get inside and we got inside the house (some house I don't know..) and then I forgot what happened but then my sister (who I'm extremely close with) died (I didn't see her) but my dad was there like "i got all your stuff your coming with me" and then it changed and I was at my classroom and the teacher was like "your late" and I was like "I know I'm the girl" (I was this girl in this murder thing it made sense in my dream) and the teacher gasped and I was like "I'm late because this guys just kidnaped me" (but since the sene skipped it was actually a dream) and then he was like "well you don't have to take the test on Thursday" and I was like "no no it's fine" so then he was like introduce yourself so I the class wouldn't be quiet so when it did (somewhat) I was like "I'm Kattie-- I'm Catelynn but you can call me Kattie" then the talked and the teacher was talking with them and then it got quiet and I was like "I'm really quiet but I wanna change that so like if you like me and wanna talk to me ill talk but if I like you and I wanna talk to you not gonna happen" then the class laughed and talked again and my friend (who's short) couldn't quite fit in the desk because she was so small was like "yes Kattie" so then the guy came into the class room (another scene jump) and went to the window where there was a well put something on the floor trying to see if there was blood or something like that and then I saw it and there was so I flipped out "is this her blood!?" "Is it!" (By her I mean my cousin (I'm really overprotective)) and he just left then I followed him and so then he left so now I'm out of the class room and then I heard this thoughts like he was coming back to kill the students in the class so I went in the class room and made it before him then he came in and (took a while) killed him like stabbed the knife threw his head and then his head everytime I stabbed it it was a baby head so then it was walking around and I just kept stabbing the head repeatly and the students were looking at me with disgust so I was like "I have a phobia of zombies I wanna be sure" so then I got a good grip on it then repeatly stabbed it and then the head fell to the ground an looked like mash potatoes
  • Judith (7 years ago)

    I dream where I am back in HS ( after being out for 33 years). I don't know where my classes are, can't remember my locker combination, and I am very unprepared for classes. I haven't done any homework assignments, and often it is test time and I want to cheat on tests because I didn't study for them. Sometimes I can't even find a seat in the classroom. These are current dreams that happen quite frequently ( once a month or so).
  • Andrew (8 years ago)

    In my dream, the school is always different and I have lost my class schedule that tells me what room I need to be in. It also usually turns out that I have been missing various classes throughout the school year that I was unaware of being enrolled in. Regardless, something always comes up where I don't find my schedule as the office workers are too busy or I cannot find the office. On top of it all, I often run into people that I know. Last night my maternal grandparents were the office staff.
  • Connie (8 years ago)

    My dreams are a tad but different! I'm back at highschool and I'm actually enjoying it! Everything is different, but fun! Does this mean I miss it?
  • Daniel (8 years ago)

    Wow! I have the exact same dream. I Recognize the school but can't find my way around to get to class. I don't know my schedule, and when I try to get a copy from the office there is always an issue. When I do make it to class I'm behind, unprepared, I don't understand the assignments and I can't find my locker to put on cloths. yes I'm naked in the dream or missing part of my cloths. Its so stressfull.

  • Angie (9 years ago)

    I've been having the same dream for a few years now. Maybe I have it when I have a lot going on and I'm worrying about a lot. All I know is, I always wake up in a panic and frustrated. I'm in high school and I can't remember my last class of the day. Im running down hallways and going into differnt parts of the school trying to find my class. I go to the office and try to get a copy of my schedule but the office ladies tell me they can't find me in the computer database. So I wander the hallways trying to remember what my class is.
  • Bob (10 years ago)

    Apparently these are anxiety elements common to recurring dreams. In my dream I'm back at college, it's finals week, I haven't studied, in fact I haven't even attended any of the classes, I'm late for a test, I'm rushing around the familiar campus but I don't have a clue where the test is being given, and on top of everything else, I realize I forgot to put my pants on. I was relieved to find that these dream elements are common for many people. It's always a relief to wake up.
  • Cherese (10 years ago)

    I have the same dream. did you ever figure it out?
  • bev (10 years ago)

    I have recurring dreams about being back at school and although I recognise the building as my old school, I'm always lost and unable to find my way to class. I'm rushing around and always end up going the wrong way. I'm always late and I never have my homework done.
  • Cherese (10 years ago)

    I have had this dream a number of times over the years. Despite the fact that I have finished a doctorate and have a job, in my dream I find out that I am missing a course from high school so I never really graduated. I have to go back to school and take a class with high school kids (I'm 30+). When I get to the school, I'm so confused. I can't figure out my schedule, I can't find my locker, and I'm totally lost. Sometimes the dream ends there but every now and again I actually end up in class. It;s very strange. . .


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