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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Father?


To dream of your father, signifies that you are about to be involved in a difficulty, and you will need wise counsel if you extricate yourself therefrom. If he is dead, it denotes that your business is pulling heavily, and you will have to use caution in conducting it. For a young woman to dream of her dead father, portends that her lover will, or is, playing her false.


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Others about dreaming about "Father"

  • Billie (7 years ago)

    I dreamt about meeting my real dad for the first time.. well properly i know who he is but he doesnt want to know me. i had a dream that i met him for the first time and he wanted to know me. he gave me a christmas card and told me his wife was expecting that i was going to have a baby sister. in reality this would never happen but why in my dream?
  • johnnie (8 years ago)

    Is someone out there who can tell what my dream meant. My father came to me about a month after he died I think in a dream and at the foot of the bed on my legs was something that looked like a demon but then I heard my fathers voice coming though my mouth telling me to tell my mother that he knows what she did, and right after I was lifted off the bed into a bright blinding white light and in that light I almost see what looks like an angle that said fear not for I am with thee. Can anyone tell me what happened to me and what it means?

  • Graham Oliver (9 years ago)

    You are just plain nuts ... get some help damn fast!
  • nicole (9 years ago)

    Well i have dreams about ym dad all the time and hes been dead 6years now and some times its that bad i dont dare go back to last recent one was me on holiday and people were dying around me then i went to my room and my dad was in there with my step mum and boyfriend but instead of my dad being himself it was his roating thats why ive come online now to look it up and see if it means anything at all.


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