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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Coffin?


This dream is unlucky. You will, if you are a farmer, see your crops blasted and your cattle lean and unhealthy. To business men it means debts whose accumulation they are powerless to avoid. To the young it denotes unhappy unions and death of loved ones. To see your own coffin in a dream, business defeat and domestic sorrow may be expected. To dream of a coffin moving of itself, denotes sickness and marriage in close conjunction. Sorrow and pleasure intermingled. Death may follow this dream, but there will also be good. To see your corpse in a coffin, signifies brave efforts will be crushed in defeat and ignominy, To dream that you find yourself sitting on a coffin in a moving hearse, denotes desperate if not fatal illness for you or some person closely allied to you. Quarrels with the opposite sex is also indicated. You will remorsefully consider your conduct toward a friend.



Others about dreaming about "Coffin"

  • Debbie (1 year ago)

    I loss my mother 9/20. I dreamed last night that she was turned over in her coffin. What does this mean?
  • Choylin Douglas (2 years ago)

    My cousin sister dreamt that I was putting my stuffs our grand fathers coffin.
  • Mj (2 years ago)

    I was at my own Wake, its morning and weird that I'm alive and entertaining my friends and relatives. Some people were sad and some were happy, where i even take selfies with them & smoke . Then one of my cousin from abroad approached me about her disappointment with one of our friends. My dream ends with me and my mom walking to view my coffin. - We never reached my coffin. Need help. What does this mean?
  • Mama (3 years ago)

    Mama saw herself carrying coffin in dream
  • Thabi (3 years ago)

    My mother's friend dreamt of me and my daughter in a coffin.
  • Bashar (5 years ago)

    Last night i dream of myself died people carry me and i knew only on person crying was my girlfriend

  • Erica (5 years ago)

    I dreamt I was in a church I saw all my loved ones crying I saw a coffin I walked up to it and saw myself in it I was dressed in blue and I had a blue rose in my hair I turned around I was screaming I'm alive I'm not dead I felt my throat tighten that's when I woke up my throat was in pain what does this dream mean?
  • Athena (5 years ago)

    I had a dream last night about my cousin somehowhe was killed and then we attended his funeral and I seen him in a casket but he looked nothing like he did in real in the casket
  • Melissa (5 years ago)

    I have had this dream twice that my daughter is killed in a car accident. I see my mother holding me. My mother in life is dead. I am made at my ex-husband ,my daughters father for not calling me but, he couldn't he has been dead for years. What does this mean?
  • Ashley (6 years ago)

    My mom passed away 2 months ago. And I dream last night shes asking help to get out from her coffin. What does it mean?
  • Kath (7 years ago)

    I dream of someone's child been dead in a coffin and I was taking it to the cemetery, then child was put in the grave, next I picked child up his body, still warm and then child's eyes open, but eyes were sticking together. Can some one explain this dream?
  • Saluja (8 years ago)

    I was dreaming about my uncle in side the coffin but he still alive and mentioned to me do not worried and he will be with me. What does that mean?


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