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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Bats?


Awful is the fate of the unfortunate dreamer of this ugly animal. Sorrows and calamities from hosts of evil work against you. Death of parents and friends, loss of limbs or sight, may follow after a dream of these ghoulish monsters. A white bat is almost a sure sign of death. Often the death of a child follows this dream.



Others about dreaming about "Bats"

  • Lace (5 months ago)

    It was the daytime and I was outside of what was my house and there was a single bat and was flying and flew up a little higher and then dove down into a a dirt hole with in the earth.
  • Chamomile (1 year ago)

    I dreamed that my 22 year old daughter, who's always loved all creatures (even reptiles and rodents), found a critter that she thought was cute. I thought it was a mole or something, then realized it was truly disgusting looking, and then realized it was a bat. She admitted to me that it was a bat but she thought it was cute or felt sorry for it or something but was keeping it. I was rather disgusted.
  • Holiness (1 year ago)

    I had a dream of a white bat flying inside a room and trying to land on head. I was covering my hair with my hands. I was with a lady in the room but can't recall who she was
  • Ash (2 years ago)

    I had a dream that I am walking down the road and a black bat suddenly came and bit me . I forcefully pulled it off my hand and threw it away
  • Tee (2 years ago)

    Dreamed my son was bit by a bat and my son came out the house screaming and the bat was trying to attack me face on but it was unsuccessful.
  • Syreeta (5 years ago)

    I dreamt my my dogs slaughtered heaps of bats,by tearing their heads off.
  • Ann (5 years ago)

    I dreampt of a host of bats, in cartoon form with big red noses and fluffed up fur, they were large and were hung on the trees outside my house and looking in through the windows. I tried to make them go away, but they just looked at me. When I went to bed later on they were all in the bedroom, hung from the ceiling, I opened the windows, and chased them out. They all went with no trouble and the bedroom had no trace of the bats being there. What does it mean?
  • J (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that i was sitting in my country house bedroom and suddenly i am hearing this sharp and loud sound of bat screaming and i am not seeing an actual bat but the shadow of a bat walking down or standing on stairs. It scared me in my sleep that my heart was beating rapidly . Any thoughts ?
  • Shravani (5 years ago)

    I had a weird dream last night. not sure who the person was but that person was sending bats towards me one after the other and I kept stopping them attacking me. Not sure what does this dream mean can some one help me understand the meaning
  • T_21 (5 years ago)

    I dreamt seeing two ordinary bats flew in my house thru a borrow opening I then said that I was once afraid of u but now I'm not I hit it, it fell on it's back it then turned into a ratbat

  • Mary Wyszynski (5 years ago)

    I Dreamt I was in a dark and dingy place. I was not scared. I feel like I was working there. It was an antique shop that bought and sold things. My mother was there as well as an old friend that I no longer see or keep in touch with. I saw a bat on the wall and walked away. I wanted my son to see it. I had to attend to a customer. Then I saw another on the opposite wall. When I came back from walking the halls that seemed to be much brighter. When I came back was only the first bat I saw. The second Bat was gone. The antique shop turned onto a restaurant and I left.???
  • Ravinder (6 years ago)

    I saw a bat is biting on my neck in my dream please tell me the what is the meaning of this dream i am so scared by this dream
  • elhiza (6 years ago)

    In my dream,a bat came out from the storage room while I am putting a padlock on the chain and the black bat bite my whole right fist. Then I woke up.
  • Laylah (6 years ago)

    So I was sleeping my window was open and the wind was wild outside, then in my dream my sister left the window open and I heard something come in. And not so long after that my sister said she felt something kissing her and I said idk I opened the light and it was a bat flying around the window. Then we ran out and my mom had work so she was up and about around 5:00 am, so she opened our door I said mom look and then the bat was there on the curtains and next to it was my drawing that looks just like that bat. We left the room and let it be, but then the door flow open and I screamed cause it got out and then I ducked and then it bite the left side of my neck and I woke up . The bit felt so real and I was lying on my right so the left side of my neck was bare. Idk what this means
  • Miriam (6 years ago)

    I dreamt it was night. My 2 brothers and I were running from the convenient store right down the street from our house.They like to play a lot so they ended up locking me outside and turned off the outside light. All of the sudden, something started talking to me out of the tree that was near the backdoor. I saw big red lips first. Like the one's made of licorice. Once I focused, they were on this huge bat. It started chasing me, trying to get kisses from me. Had this dream more than a few times.
  • wanda@bat (6 years ago)

    My dream was about a bat that was in a pot of boiling hot water, I want to drain the hot boiling water thinking the bat was died and the bat start flying around the room and bit me...
  • Angela Jones (6 years ago)

    I dream that a bat got into house and tried to attack me it wasnt a black bat it pagie lookin and it flew up my dress and came out then i went outside and seen a couple of thebin the sky then one tried to get me again abd hit the ground and it was dark outside ..
  • Sandra (6 years ago)

    I was swimming with family, When I motives a bar Coming towards us.I did't want anybody to get bitten so I tried to Grab it bit it lached.on to my finger and bit me.Another bat came and did the same thing. I tried yo put my hand under ester to drown the but it didnt Work, I finally remover the from my hands.
  • saara (6 years ago)

    I had a dream of 2 huge bats with wires on them trying to get in my house and when i ran to close the door 1 of them tried to bite me.they were really ugly like gremlins.
  • Juanita (6 years ago)

    In my dream I was in a dark tunnel and the bat was on my back I could feel it's wings flapping on my back but it didn't harm. I was screaming for someone to help me but no one came. Then it was gone and there were little bats in the corner of the room


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