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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Bath?


For a young person to dream of taking a bath, means much solicitude for one of the opposite sex, fearing to lose his good opinion through the influence of others. For a pregnant woman to dream this, denotes miscarriage or accident. For a man, adultery. Dealings of all kinds should be carried on with discretion after this dream. To go in bathing with others, evil companions should be avoided. Defamation of character is likely to follow. If the water is muddy, evil, indeed death, and enemies are near you. For a widow to dream of her bath, she has forgotten her former ties, and is hurrying on to earthly loves. Girls should shun male companions. Men will engage in intrigues of salacious character. A warm bath is generally significant of evil. A cold, clear bath is the fore-runner of joyful tidings and a long period of excellent health. Bathing in a clear sea, denotes expansion of business and satisfying research after knowledge.


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  • Toschca (6 years ago)

    I am a widow for almost 4 years now (age 54, recently broke up after dating for a year but we are still good friends.) I dreamt that I was lying in the bath tub when my cousin (male- which I haven't seen for more than 30 years, but we communicate now and then) also got in the bath tub and then his mom also climbed in ( she passed away a couple years ago). What was upsetting was that her backside was like in my face and it didn't smell very nice , but then she sat down and lay in her son's arms. I then thought to myself what nice bond these two have, and then she got out without washing herself. The water was clear What on earth can this dream mean?


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