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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Lesley (3 months ago)

    Please can you explain to me the meaning of seeing the same number or double numbers each time l look at the clock. Thank you.
  • Poppy (3 months ago)

    I dreamed my husband cheated on me with my sister in- law?
  • Nellie (3 months ago)

    In elevator - falling, rocking back and forth
  • Lesley (3 months ago)

    I had a dream , in my dream I was in this place looking around me was lots of green apples in a water bed with leaves. They were many.
  • Cin (3 months ago)

    I dreamt of being on a beach. There was a Sea Witch who I did not see. She has my gold earing that I lost on the beach. I was told she returns every 56 yrs...
  • Nina (3 months ago)

    I had a dream that I’m picking beautiful big colourful clams from the beach. All alive in beautiful shells. All shapes and sizes. Felt quite happy doing so. What does this mean. Thank you.
  • Njt (3 months ago)

    A statue becoming alive
  • Renee (4 months ago)

    I dreamed of a witch with glowing eyes she was yelling at me or cursing me and lifted me to the sky but once I started praying it released me

  • Lee (4 months ago)

    Dreamt of dead grandma vomiting on me
  • Shanon youngs (4 months ago)

    I have had several dreams of doomsday, one of them the world flooded and we were in the sky with no destination, in another there were a bunch of earth quakes that brought everything down, in another there were balls of fire raining from the sky, I'm not sure as to why I'm having these dreams and they freak me out alot
  • Bev (4 months ago)

    My nurse called me me say they are concerned about my liver health , although in real life I was due to see my oncologist in a few days time
  • Eric (4 months ago)

    I had a dream that I was in my car and scratched a spot on the inside of my thigh, about 2 inches above my knee, and there was an odd bump. I looked at it and it and it looked like the tip of a mushroom. I started to pull it out, and it had a “stem” and looked like an emoji mushroom. Before I could pull it all the way out, it got caught on something. I was above to get it out and the end of the stem had a short piece the jutted out to make...more
  • Rats (4 months ago)

    I dreamed of alot of baby mice in a garden and one jumped at me
  • Donna M (4 months ago)

    Three dreams different days think they are connected: 1) I (I think it was me or I was watching someone in the dream flat ironing an Asian woman's long black hair and her hair broke right in the middle.2) I dreampt I was going swimming in a pool but I never saw the pool it was understood that I was going swimming and I left my wedding ring on a beige colored bench. The pool was outdoor and it was misty outside with water puddles on the pavement and I went back for my ring it was still there but...more
  • Penpen (4 months ago)

    I was in a room with an unmade bedwith my late husband. There were tiny black specklike insects all over the walls that only seemed to be disturbing to me. I couldn't get rid of them.


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