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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Rainbow?


To see a rainbow in a dream, is prognostic of unusual happenings. Affairs will assume a more promising countenance, and crops will give promise of a plentiful yield. For lovers to see the rainbow, is an omen of much happiness from their union. To see the rainbow hanging low over green trees, signifies unconditional success in any undertaking.



Others about dreaming about "Rainbow"

  • tina cook (5 years ago)

    I dreamed I was bit by two large rainbow spiders
  • Vanessa Herrera (7 years ago)

    I dreamt of driving. As I was driving right off the shoulder of the road there was the end of the rainbow. The rainbow was so bright. My daughters were with me and I remember pulling over and taking pictures right in front of it. While taking pictures I remember seeing all of a sudden another rainbow only in the ditch off of the shoulder but flowing vertically on the ground filling up the ditch as if it were a creek of flowing water. It literally took my breath away and then the annoying alarm clock went off and I...more

  • Ida (8 years ago)

    Dreamt about a rainbow above a lake. It's really beautiful. The sky was very blue. Took pictures of it. Then i sort of teleported into a room but the rainbow can still be seen from the window. Hope it means success for my exams cos I just completed my exams.
  • shannon (9 years ago)

    I was in a rain forest with a large shotgun hunting for rainbows.I'm in early 1900's hunter's garb. You know, like the kind you see in Indiana Jones movies and Tarzan. When I shoot the rainbows they come plundering down and land on the ground with a heavy boom.


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