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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Eating?


To dream of eating alone, signifies loss and melancholy spirits. To eat with others, denotes personal gain, cheerful environments and prosperous undertakings. If your daughter carries away the platter of meat before you are done eating, it foretells that you will have trouble and vexation from those beneath you or dependent upon you. The same would apply to a waiter or waitress. * See other subjects similar.


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Others about dreaming about "Eating"

  • Tracy (1 year ago)

    I just had a dream I was in an apartment, but it was open and had doors in weird places, i saw a friend, at first he was mad at me for not saying hello to him when he saw me another time, then I was eating sushi (yuck) with him and -he looked great by the way ( he had long shoulder light brown hair .. it’s usually short and dark almost black ..huh?) .. and he told me he had cancer only he used the medical terms !!! But he wouldn’t say If he was alright !!!! .....more
  • louie (3 years ago)

    I had the same dream twice last night. I was served 3 different kinds of cooked meat. When I tasted each one at a time, the results were the same : The 1st meat was OK, 2nd one was bitter and the 3rd one had no flavor. Curious what it might mean.
  • sha (9 years ago)

    In my dream, an unknown girl aged around 10 is asking for some food from the window side while i am eating.

  • miguel (9 years ago)

    I dreamt that my mother was attempting to explain something to me but no matter how serious her face I was focused on food. I kept eating, and eating and I couldn't get full.
  • ebony (9 years ago)

    For some reason when I was little, at the end of every dream, I dreamt I was sitting on y couch and eating a bowl of cereal or soup that my mom would bring me.
  • thulani (11 years ago)

    I was bush tracking when all of a sudden all the trees around were bearing apples, green and red apples. i was the first to notice this and i told others so we were all gathering the fruit from all the trees, bushes and shrubs around us.may you please interprete this for me


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