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What does it mean to dream about Beat?


It bodes no good to dream of being beaten by an angry person; family jars and discord are signified. To beat a child, ungenerous advantage is taken by you of another; perhaps the tendency will be to cruelly treat a child.



Others about dreaming about "Beat"

  • Lauren (7 years ago)

    I dreamt of my husband not coming home one night. I called and called his phone, no answer, very not like of him. I started getting insecure of him cheating, I continued to call. Finally in the middle of the night, someone else answered his phone, I am flipping out where is my husband who are you? He then said he is fine but very drunk and passed out, he said it was his cousin. I asked where he was, his cousin would not tell me. I got off the phone and drove to his aunt and cousin house where...more
  • p (7 years ago)

    I dreamt i was being beaten up by a child?? very disturbed the next morning. i have never seen this child before.he was on the floor, like sitting on his bottom and began kicking me while i was standing above him. he got harder and harder and as i moved back he did it more and i specifically remember him poking me hard into my ribs. i have no idea what this means? any help or suggestions?

  • oshin (7 years ago)

    I had a dream my boyfriend was trying to esscort me to my prom and some random jerks came and started kicking him in his chest and their was nothing i could do
  • tabitha (7 years ago)

    I dreamed a little while ago that i was getting beaten by some guys that went to my old school, that while i never disliked, i didn't really know them either. it was me and a friend being beaten up at my school.


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