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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Watch?


To dream of a watch, denotes you will be prosperous in well-directed speculations. To look at the time of one, your efforts will be defeated by rivalry. To break one, there will be distress and loss menacing you. To drop the crystal of one, foretells carelessness, or unpleasant companionship. For a woman to lose one, signifies domestic disturbances will produce unhappiness. To imagine you steal one, you will have a violent enemy who will attack your reputation. To make a present of one, denotes you will suffer your interest to decline in the pursuance of undignified recreations.


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Others about dreaming about "Watch"

  • I found a box full of German hand made watches (2 months ago)

    I found a box full of German Hand made watches and I was trying to find who would appraised them for me.

  • Bernadette (3 years ago)

    I found my late fathers watch outside my childhood home


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