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What does it mean to dream about Tattoo?


To see your body appearing tattooed, foretells that some difficulty will cause you to make a long and tedious absence from your home. To see tattooes on others, foretells that strange loves will make you an object of jealousy. To dream you are a tattooist, is a sign that you will estrange yourself from friends because of your fancy for some strange experience.



Others about dreaming "Tattoo"

  • KR (3 years ago)

    Dreamt about my Ex girlfriend who had a tattoo on her back (shoulders)

  • Clay (7 years ago)

    The past couple days and nights I have been really upset about not being able to see my daughter due to financial reasons. I try to get a hold of her mother, but get no response. I have a tattoo on each forearm. my right is my daughters name, who is oldest, and my left is of my sons name who has a different mother. last night I had a dream that my daughters name was covered by my shirt but on my bicep. not on my forearm. and i could see the tattoo through the shirt.. not sure what it means, and kind of scared me.


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