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What does it mean to dream about Spider?


To dream of a spider, denotes that you will be careful and energetic in your labors, and fortune will be amassed to pleasing proportions. To see one building its web, foretells that you will be happy and secure in your own home. To kill one, signifies quarrels with your wife or sweetheart. If one bites you, you will be the victim of unfaithfulness and will suffer from enemies in your business. If you dream that you see many spiders hanging in their webs around you, foretells most favorable conditions, fortune, good health and friends. To dream of a large spider confronting you, signifies that your elevation to fortune will be swift, unless you are in dangerous contact. To dream that you see a very large spider and a small one coming towards you, denotes that you will be prosperous, and that you will feel for a time that you are immensely successful; but if the large one bites you, enemies will steal away your good fortune. If the little one bites you, you will be harassed with little spites and jealousies. To imagine that you are running from a large spider, denotes you will lose fortune in slighting opportunities. If you kill the spider you will eventually come into fair estate. If it afterwards returns to life and pursues you, you will be oppressed by sickness and wavering fortunes. For a young woman to dream she sees gold spiders crawling around her, foretells that her fortune and prospect for happiness will improve, and new friends will surround her.

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Others about dreaming "Spider"

  • Jo (3 years ago)

    I have had a few dreams about spiders. In the first one,my ex and I return to my home, there were two medium sized spiders fighting in a gap in the fly screen. I sprayed them with flyspray, they ran off. The second time there were four spiders, fighting in the gap. Three medium one huge black one. I sprayed them, three ran off, the big black one bit my bottom lip.?
  • Zhidao (3 years ago)

    I dreamed that a Giant Daddy Long Leg was fighting with a Giant Tarantula? What does this mean?
  • Sophia (3 years ago)

    No I never had a dream about Spiderman or spider that was being wheeled is weird dreams over had one
  • Morgan Nicholson (3 years ago)

    I had a dream a spider crawled into my mouth. I could have sworn I felt it. I'm so scared!
  • noelani (3 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream that a big black spider was going to walk over my sister but seen me & was walking to me instead I woke up fell asleep and couldn't find the spider anywhere
  • Jamie (3 years ago)

    Ok,so this may seem weird, but i had a dream that i put my foot into a boot and green and purple spiders poured out, what does that mean?
  • Dreamer (3 years ago)

    I had this dream that a small spider built his web on my fence. He would follow me where ever I would go.If I went to check my mail, he would go there with me. He built his web by the mail box and I picked him up in my hands and would talk to him. He was so friendly.
  • Chaquira (3 years ago)

    I had a dream I was under ground, an I saw a 2" big moth stuck on a spider when I moved the moth with my feet to see if it was alive. A million spiders came out. They wave the biggest spider web an just lay there all of them it was dark I was using a flesh liteNext to me was someone that came out of no ware and said you unleashed a million spiders. It felt so real I kept looking forward amazed by the amount of spiders. Help what does this mean
  • Leslie (3 years ago)

    I dream of a large spider coming down from the ceiling or swinging towards me from the ceiling.
  • michael (3 years ago)

    I had a dream of being trapped in a room caught in the webbing couldn't break free spiders crawling all over me and one extremely big brown spider that kept getting closer and closer struggling to get away but couldn't woke up after

  • Jon (3 years ago)

    I had this dream where i was trying to kill this golden spider (only one spider) and i couldn't. It kept getting away. in the end it disappeared. But it odd when it would stand on it's back legs and brink up iys front legs to defend itself, it looked like it had a thick golden web or something between them.The spider was golden with long legs like a Daddy long legs. Skinny semi long body.
  • John (3 years ago)

    I dreamt that I was pulling spiders out of my mouth in a web some alive some dead. What does that mean
  • MAGALLANES (3 years ago)

  • Sunofabeezy (3 years ago)

    I rarely remember my dreams but occasionally I do dream.. I dreamt about a old house I lived in as a teen .. I was cleaning and sweeping this vacant house as if I was planning on living thare or preparing it for someone else to live in.. A large grey and orange or red bodied spider sucked blood from my forearm ..I was frightened but did nothing but watched it .. It left dark marks on my skin and displeased .. I then was looking for it .. And patching holes in the house where more could come up from when I opened the front door 2 smaller but same species exitied quickly .. I was in search for this much larger spider that had bit me ..
  • anonomous (3 years ago)

    I dreamt that a big terantula came down on me and climbd over my body I didn't kill it I took it of It ran to my brother and got in his mouth I told my brother to take the spider out of his mouth no one killed it what the hell does this mean??
  • Driea (3 years ago)

    My dream was that I was moving. And during the move a smaller spider came out, very black , hard exoskeleton. I tried killing it but was too fast and then another identical to the first one came. I couldn't get either of them. They both were quick. Finally the BIG one came and tried to get the other two, to either come away or kill them, I really don't know. Meanwhile I'm going ape. But, couldn't get any of them. I was to scared to get the bigone. In the mid of all that I woke up.
  • apple (3 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was in a house with my best friend from kindergarden and this normal sized spider came down from the ceiling and we killed it. Then a few minutes later, another one came down and we killed it. But then lots of them started coming down, and they were all different. They were coming down so fast we couldn't keep up. I'm so scared of spiders I started freaking out and grabbed my friend and ran out, but then I woke up before we made it out.
  • Christina (3 years ago)

    I just woken from a dream where I had 5 friendly spiders who lived with me in a room. Whenever I was home, they would all sit and ride around in my shoulders. They each had their own personalities and different sounding voices. They were all female. One of their names was Emily. I remember getting ready because I had some family coming over with a friend I liked and I wanted to introduce them to each other.While getting ready, one of them almost drown in the sink. I woke up shortly after that.
  • samera (3 years ago)

    Dream of 2 spiders.Brown and golden brown.It crawl up on my bed net. Bite my son and I killed it in my dream the golden brown and the brown spider bite me on my thumb I also killed it.But the fang of the brown spider went into my thumb I managed to pull it out and I also kill the brown spider. Both of them was dead. Please tell me what this dream means? My life isn't in good shape.Hope I dont have face difficulties Or my son, we both could do with some good luck.my son recently finished writing his test. I wish this could be some sort of good meaning to us.
  • Mona (3 years ago)

    I have a recurring dream of me walking and all of the sudden I see spiders webs every where with large and small spiders of all different colors some making webs some wrapping there eggs they all stop and watch me walk past them like they where waiting for me.


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