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What does it mean to dream about Fish?


To dream that you see fish in clear-water streams, denotes that you will be favored by the rich and powerful. Dead fish, signifies the loss of wealth and power through some dire calamity. For a young woman to dream of seeing fish, portends that she will have a handsome and talented lover. To dream of catching a catfish, denotes that you will be embarrassed by evil designs of enemies, but your luck and presence of mind will tide you safely over the trouble. To wade in water, catching fish, denotes that you will possess wealth acquired by your own ability and enterprise. To dream of fishing, denotes energy and economy; but if you do not succeed in catching any, your efforts to obtain honors and wealth will be futile. Eating fish, denotes warm and lasting attachments.


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Others about dreaming "Fish"

  • Eddie (3 years ago)

    I dreamed of catching a fishes in a river, some of the fishes are died and some alive. But the alive fishes enter back in the river.can someone tell me the meaning of this dream?
  • Jaye (3 years ago)

    I dream last nite that I picked up a fish there was a lot of fish but they did not have any bottom part just the heads and they were alive that scares me can you tell me what that mean
  • Tay (3 years ago)

    There Was A Pool , Like A Lake , it Had Fish in it , Me My Bf , His Son , My Friend Girl , & Her Bf Were Swimming , Then We Got Out To Go Eat & My Step Son Stayed Outside , About Three Minutes Later i Went To Go Get Him , i Didn't See Him , When i Scanned The Water i Saw His Body , Kick For The Last Time , A Fish Was By His Face , i Ran Down There & Grabbed Him & i Just Hollered & Cried. He Wasn't My Child , But i Loved Him Like He Was Mann , i Woke Up Crying. i Couldn't See Nobody Face But Mines & The Lil Boy. it Was So Sad.😔 Can Someone Analyze This For Me ?
  • shaye (3 years ago)

    I had a dream that my boyfriend had a bbq. it was me , his son , my friend & her bf. it was so weird , we had an outdoor pool , filled with fish. we were swimming with the fish. me , my boyfriend , my friend & her boyfriend got out to eat. i called my stepson in , but i didn't see him. quickly i scanned the pool for him , i found him kicking , with a fish in his mouth , i ran to him & grabbed him out of the pool , he was dead , his eyes were huge , like a blowfish & i was hollering & screaming my ass out. after that , everyone's faces blank out except mines & that little boys. my family members say i may be expecting a son soon , can someone else tell me what they think ..?
  • Adrianna M. (3 years ago)

    I dreamnt that i was on top of a big fish . I felt at ease and peacefull with this lovely creator.while it was taking me somewhere i seen grass along the side of the streaming river we were on. Then i seen a baby stingray and i place my hands by it . The baby sting ray was by the edge of the grass near the water' I felt i had to protect it . So like i said i place my hands together like i was recieving water but instead i was recieving the stingray and it place it self on my palms. it was slimy like a snail and it was amazing. In reality i fear the unknown creators underwater. but in my dream , i felt connected . so you know dreams jump from one to another. in the end i guess i was in a mission to save something. i was trying to find a key on a bridge and then i was flying . same mission though i flew up by houses told my mother that shell be alright that i had to close her doors to keep her safe . she seen me flying and told her you see mom ill be alright i felt brave' i dont know ' hehe :)
  • amy (3 years ago)

    Hey ladies iam a 30 year old mom to a 11 year old son and been trying to have another child , on Christmas morning he woke and said he had a dream he saw gold fish swimming I got happy only because I also heard that it means someone gunna be pregnant . What do ya ladies think it wasent me with the dream it was my child. And he's never had a dream like that... Can someone tell me something. Thanx
  • lady di (3 years ago)

    I had a dream that a big cat fish came out of my belly petruding through my skin.
  • Patrice (3 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was at my ex boyfriends house. he has a large fish tank there. I dreamt that somehow all the water came out of the tank and I was trying to fill it back up. There were a ton of exotic fish and an otter in the tank. everywhere I looked for a water hose it was either too short or had bugs on it. He came back home about half way into the ordeal and turned on the water hose to fill it up.
  • Lola (4 years ago)

    I had a dream wherein i held a big orange fish in my hands and it was grasping for water so i put it back in the lake. What exactly does this signify?
  • shy (4 years ago)

    My son dreamed about fish he's 3 any one know?

  • me123 (4 years ago)

    I'm 27 and 4 months pregnant, I also have two other children and baby number three on the way and currently full time university student. last night I dreamt that me, my cousin and 2 uncles were returning back from school. for some reason we were dressed up in school uniforms too. but any ways on our back from school we stopped at a store where some people we knew tried selling us fresh live fish from a tank. What does all this mean? anyone know anything about fish dreams and family besides the pregnant presumptions. I am already pregnant so it wouldn't be about me. some explanation would be great thanks.
  • tamara (4 years ago)

    Lastnight my boyfriend dream that he was sharing 2 food one for me and one for him he was sharing rice and peas and fish I wonder if I could be pregnant I don't have any sign as yet people normal says fish in dream mean pregnancy
  • mobola (4 years ago)

    I dream that I and my husband was eating catfish together in a plate and I woke up and you help me interprete this please I really cares to know what it means
  • Grace (4 years ago)

    I had a dream about swimming in a big fish like tank with my son and a stingray. The stingray came along and stabbed my son from behind and killed him. I tried to get help to save my son but no one could help. What does this mean?
  • Andrea (4 years ago)

    I dreamed about feeding the fish? What does that mean, along with a weird dream but the feeding the fish is what got my attention
  • Marryn (4 years ago)

    I had a dream last night and I can't stop thinking about it.. Someone please interpret it for me...My two year old son was playing in one of those indoor ponds where people throw money in and it was shallow but there were fish in it and he was grabbing onto one and I tried to make him let go, when he finally did I poked the fish a few times and it was obviously dead.. That was when I became terrified in my dream, then a second larger fish that I didn't even see came up behind me and started attacking my hair and I woke myself up because it was soo scary... Someone please help!
  • Kyla (4 years ago)

    Help!! My dream was about fish swimming into my home I closed the back door but they just kept swimming in from a gap that now appeared to be at the door. I walk into one of the rooms and there was an amount of fish that layed to rest there! Confused.
  • phoebe (4 years ago)

    I dreamt about going to a beach resort w/ friends that i've never seen for such a long time..when we got to the beach, I was disappointed because the water looks like a dirty river then I saw a big fish jumped on the water then we went near the water but all we see is blood. Underneath the water we saw some kind of machine that probably killed the fish.hope someone could tell what it means
  • sabrina (4 years ago)

    I dream this morning that I was i swimmin as I got out the water there were lots of tropical n gold fishes all over my body they weren't dead they were alive just floppy on me what could this mean I'm reall interested
  • Marianne (4 years ago)

    I dreamed last night I was inside a house.. It's like a wooden house and catching a big black goldfish with gold spot on his belly using a fishing liner.. Its huge as.2 fists of big man. And after that.. They chop it like its about likely they will cook it... I wish someone can tell me what it means


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