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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Death?


To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow. Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature. To hear of any friend or relative being dead, you will soon have bad news from some of them. Dreams relating to death or dying, unless they are due to spiritual causes, are misleading and very confusing to the novice in dream lore when he attempts to interpret them. A man who thinks intensely fills his aura with thought or subjective images active with the passions that gave them birth; by thinking and acting on other lines, he may supplant these images with others possessed of a different form and nature. In his dreams he may see these images dying, dead or their burial, and mistake them for friends or enemies. In this way he may, while asleep, see himself or a relative die, when in reality he has been warned that some good thought or deed is to be supplanted by an evil one. To illustrate: If it is a dear friend or relative whom he sees in the agony of death, he is warned against immoral or other improper thought and action, but if it is an enemy or some repulsive object dismantled in death, he may overcome his evil ways and thus give himself or friends cause for joy. Often the end or beginning of suspense or trials are foretold by dreams of this nature. They also frequently occur when the dreamer is controlled by imaginary states of evil or good. A man in that state is not himself, but is what the dominating influences make him. He may be warned of approaching conditions or his extrication from the same. In our dreams we are closer to our real self than in waking life. The hideous or pleasing incidents seen and heard about us in our dreams are all of our own making, they reflect the true state of our soul and body, and we cannot flee from them unless we drive them out of our being by the use of good thoughts and deeds, by the power of the spirit within us. * See Corpse.


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Others about dreaming about "Death"

  • Daniela (4 years ago)

    I dream I waz going to the beach with my husband fam I waz sitting down in the trunk of the truck I saw my dog following me under the water like if he waz a fish suddenly I dont see my dog we got to the spot where my husband brothers where and they told me your husband died I couldn't believe it so I got home and un the drive way there waz a cross of white candles and orange flowers and I still couldn't believe wad I waz seen a lady came and told me hes better where he is and I stayed shocked I came inside my dog waz not here and my husband neither not even hes car I would look outside the door and wait for him to come and I went to the kitchen and ask hes mom where's my husband and she just told me hes gone and I waz crying and saying where I love him hes me only one and hes spirit came and told me am with my brother he took me already and I cried I woke up and I waz very sentimental that I cried for a while it waz a dream but very real.... what does it means??? Help
  • Chynawillis1@yahoo.c (4 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was at my childhood house and my cousin had died and they had his casket set up in my mom's kitchen and the only way you could go down to her basement was to go throuch the kitchen and some of the family was down in the basement socializing so I decided to go down there so me and my cousin that had died youngest son walked to the kitchen door to go in and my cousins body start to move he was still dead but his body was jumping and it ended up falling out the casket so I grabbed his son and ran down stairs and called the mortuary and his Mom to let them know what happen and then after that it was night time and I was sleep in my room I the basement and all I could hear was someone knocking on the front door and it was like 3 a.m. so I didn't answer and avert that I woke up from my dream. What does this dream mean
  • melanie (4 years ago)

    I had a dream about my father and his friend . they both found out that they didn't have much time to live. They passed away in my dream then i woke up .
  • Dilan (4 years ago)

    I had a dream that we were back home and my extended fanily and I were having a large reunion type family dinner and every single one of my family members (around 50 people) was shot dead just before I was shot dead.What scared me most about this dream was that the first night we got to my aunts house from the airport our entire family was gathered for a dinner (like my dream) and someone had called in from downstairs but when my sister asked who it was nobody responded and I hadn't thought about it till now.Also in my dream the shooter had come upstairs from the first floor (like the real life situation).I am a very spiritual person and I strongly believe that had we let that stranger upstairs we could have all been dead right now.
  • riva (5 years ago)

    When I was around 5 years old.I had a dream that to me feels real when I think about it.there were half a dozen mummies standing in my brother was being wrapped up with what seemed like toilet paper.he was floating in the air,and his eyes were weird. I can't remember exactly as it was all very vivid .there was a bluish white light shinning from the sky.2 of the mummies noticed me at the back glass door and started walking towards me..everything is blacked out after girlfriend believes that my brother and I were abducted.I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything like this dream I had..?
  • Ad (5 years ago)

    Had this horrible dream,still in shock,my 6yr old son was playing with friends and trying to jump an open gutter(drainage)while running towards me,him and two of his friends fell into the gutter and I screamed at him,now you have to swim in this dirty water but they didn't come out,a fourth friend brought them out one by one and I panicked in the dream when my son was last and lifeless because I know him to be a good swimmer,I ran to him knelt down knelt by his side,he was still moving and I even remember touching the bone on the cut neck,I held his hands still moving and screamed,then I woke up.please can anyone help explain such a horrible dream?
  • natasha (5 years ago)

    I have a dream where my mother kills me i wake up so scared of her but in the dream i fight back with magic i keep dieing over and over again what does this mean plz help me
  • sarita (5 years ago)

    Yesterday Early morning my very close friend come in my deam. He can't talk with me. But I really miss him. I want talk with him. But can't. Plz help. Plz explain dream.
  • Na'Kayla (5 years ago)

    For 3 Nights in a row I had different dreams but all 3 dreams we're about my sibilings or mom dying. The first dream was about me dying. The second dream was about my mom and all my brothers dying except 1 and The third dream was about 2 of my brothers dying . I don't know what it is because this never happened and whenever I wake up from the middle of it everytime I go back to sleep the dream resumes exactly were it stopped at
  • Alice (5 years ago)

    A month back morning around 3.30 am I had a dream where I could see myself dying ,doctors trying hard to save me. I could see my hands that already going to loose life .Nearby my bed in another one I could see a small kid mostly about 5 yrs old.His body was in ventilator(ICU) but he was sitting on bed and raising arms towards me to carry him along with me.The room was brightly lit.Outside the room I could see my brother with his kids , my father and uncle moving in tensed manner.My eyes were just half open and I could feel the pain of wound on my face and my face was swollen red with blood stains on teeth that was half broken.I was knowing that I was about to die but couldn't remember what or who was the cause for me to be in that condition.I could see a bright aura or perhaps a passage and very familiar person whom I love so much is calling me to come and that invitation I cannot resist.I don't know who the person is but felt as if I know her and she is was like my mother only.Again I could see struggling doctors and saw the room number opposite to the ICU that was having some four digits and the first was 3 and somewhere 6 was there.Then I could see long passages of hospital,wheel chairs ,saline drip stands and I was moving through passages with abnormal high speeds .Then what I saw was I was near my mother and grandmother in my village .They seemed unaware that I am at hospital dying.My mother is bed ridden and grandmother is sitting beside her in real life also it is the same, but I saw the same in dream also.I woke her up and told that I am dying in a hospital near to my work place don't know how I reached there.I could see tears in her eyes.I was informing her about the life insurance policies that I have taken and even told the place where I have kept the documents .I kept on saying to my mother to stop crying and listen as I don't have much time left.I was saying her to take care of herself and my family members ,like take food at time, medicines in time,Be sure to close windows and doors before sleeping such things and hand over the policy amount to my brother. Later I hugged her and myself I was crying and finally told my desire was to live with you for long time happily and take care of you but destiny was something else . You are my greatest inspiration in life and hope we will meet soon as I cant be without you .My heart was filled with sorrow of leaving my mother.Later what I saw was myself fading away.Just when I opened eyes it was 3.30 am morning . Can any one help me in interpreting these dreams .Dream was seen partially some places colored and some was just black and white.My brother is just getting married only.So will this happen to me after 10-15 yrs after my brother has kids.No idea.Since once in dream I had experienced someone whispering in my ears after 15 months my grandpa will pass away.Accurately the 15 month he passed away before that he was well and physically fit. Once I dreamed the rank I am going to get for entrance exam that to prior to result publication.Even my uncles death I dreamed just minutes before he died in hospital about 25 kms away due to heart attack .So do this have any warning sign.

  • sienna (5 years ago)

    Six years ago I had a dream I was at a funeral it was my oldies son three months later I lost my youngest son to SIDS in my dream my oldies son was in a white coffin white outfit and a white rose in it than when my youngest died he was in a white coffin and all white with a white rose did I see my youngest sons death before he died Daja vu why me. Till this day I do not know why it happand
  • ces (5 years ago)

    I dream last night that my husband is dead and when he is in the coffin he wake up and keep telling my uncle that he loves me so mch..what is the meaning of my dream?
  • Eileen (5 years ago)

    I guess I had a dream. The police told me my brother committed suicide.I. was devastated and couldn't stop crying but then I woke up and still kept crying real hard, I don't know what it means but I don't like it at all...please someone help me intrepet this dream call me 626~626~6397 Eileen
  • Kelly (5 years ago)

    I'm 18 years old, and I woke up from a dream crying. In the dream, at the very end I was saying goodbye to my mom for a couple of months cause where we were it wasn't safe for me. But I told her to be careful. But when I said goodbye I lost it, in real life.
  • Kylie (5 years ago)

    Last night I was sleeping and I had a dream that I was dating my crush then I moved I cheated on him, then he tried to commit suicide. He didn't succeed.But then I went to go commit suicide and I succeed. I Woke Up screaming after that.But I don't know what that even means. Please help
  • Debbie (5 years ago)

    Last night I was sleeping I had a dream I was at a hospital with my dad he was laying in the bed a nurse was started to tell me my dad was passing away, the nurse and I was working a code, CPR I hit the code button to get help. Then my dad passed. I do not understand this my dad passed in 2002, I wish I new what this was telling me. I woke up.
  • Courtini (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that my boyfriend took me into a bathroom and stood me next to a mop bucket filled with water, he then made me wrap a live wire of some sort around my own neck as he stuck the live end into the water. He watched me die of electrocution, then stepped over my body and left.I didn't tell anyone about this dream, but my friend told me today that her boyfriend had a dream that I was taking a shower and the radio I was listening to fell in. I died of electrocution in his dream as well.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I'M FREAKED OUT AND NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. Both of these dreams happened within a week of each other.
  • Allison (5 years ago)

    I had a dream last night that my friends and I died, but to others we were still "alive" but during this time we had to find our way to our other world. but, while we were dead, we could go into the past and see everything that happened before us and that happened to me and I explained to my mother all the details to her about my brother on a certain day. she believed my friends and were dead because we had these papers that said so. during my dream, when we tried to find our other world, we had to run up this hill. but their were houses but it was always behind this red house and we had to dig up from the ground. and then suddenly at the end of my dream, my friend Carolina pulled our her phone and it catched the song that was playing in the air but it went straight to FaceTime with all these other people that were dead and we could see the other world. at the end, we stayed in the red home and my mother had called me at 2 in the morning calling me for a movie with her. I wanted to go because I assumed it was the last time I was going to see her and played out the events during that time on the phone. my friends said no to stay that It was for the best. and so I was about her write her and my whole family and a paper on why I love them and how thankful I was for everything, and then I woke up. what does this mean? I've dreamt of the red home before and it's backyard, but never of this.
  • Keimon (5 years ago)

    Last night I had a dream that I was in a bounce house or maybe just a house with many rooms. With the different rooms came various noises so I started to explore the different rooms. With one of the rooms there were noises of sex or pleasure when I went into the room the noises started to sound demonic so I tried to leave but I couldn't . It felt as if I was tied up and then I died. Which was a bright light that faded slowly. Ive overdosed before and when I O.D'd died for a short period. Ever since that day I've been having dreams of the day I O.D'd with feeling of fear guilt and peacefulness after death. So I can't sleep well anymore only on certain days.
  • Catherine (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that I was kidnapped (I can't remember how) by some really sadistic people who took me to this building in the desert where they started torturing me with hypodermic needles and feeding me disgusting food and so on. After a while (about 4 weeks) the UK government payed to have me freed, as I heard the helicopter coming down; I could see they were going to try and resist letting me go. So I ran out as fast as I could and they tried to grab me as I slipped through them. I could see my brother and my father and some armed soldiers stepping out of the helicopter, as I ran to my family I heard gunshots and I looked down and saw that I hadn't been shot, but when I looked up I saw that my brother and my father dropped to their knees and had been shot. I ran to them and they were both bleeding heavily and I started crying as those who tortured me and those who came to protect me erupted in gunfight. Then I woke up.


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