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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Dead?


To dream of the dead, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you. Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this dream. To see your mother, warns you to control your inclination to cultivate morbidness and ill will towards your fellow creatures. A brother, or other relatives or friends, denotes that you may be called on for charity or aid within a short time. To dream of seeing the dead, living and happy, signifies you are letting wrong influences into your life, which will bring material loss if not corrected by the assumption of your own will force. To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self. The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure. * Paracelsus says on this subject:


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Others about dreaming about "Dead"

  • Mumu (3 years ago)

    I dreamt of hugging my dead parents
  • Jim (3 years ago)

    3/1/2017 I had a dream of a husband and wife I worked for many years ago they are both dead now his wife came up to me and grabbed me and greeted me with a kiss in the mouth two times she said I'm looking over you I'm near you all the time I was shocked I said to her your dead she said yes but I'm always around I woke up what does this mean
  • Faith po-ching (3 years ago)

    I dreament that my attic downstaires was on fire and I woke up with my mom who had passed away 7yrs ago and my dad who still lives are sleeping on the couch in the living room and I had two small girls and my husband who passed away 3yrs ago run downstairs to wake my sisters up to let them know and he never came back up. My dad was asking me where my husband went and I told him then I woke up. Please tell me what does my dream mean. Thank you.
  • Amanda (3 years ago)

    Just this morning 12/27/16 I had a dream that my deceased Uncle was telling me to watch out for the guy with a lot of money and he passed away before I was born.
  • Jemima (3 years ago)

    Hi there. My uncle who has just recently passed away on Friday. I have no idea what's going on as 5 days befor hand I had this dream of a lady who rang me on my mobile saying hi sorry but letting all the family no that your uncle has passed away then that moment I got home I was in so much pain in my sternum that it was burning and I couldn't breath I was on my hands and knees struggling to breath at that time it was 4 o'clock the pain was going away slowly and having missed calls from my aunt and cousin calling me I rang them back and it was my uncle got the bad news saying his passed I called my sister and she was balling by then I knew it was bad then me having to call my Aunty saying to her it's true aunt his gone. The next day tho I did call my mother to tell her about my dream she said to call my uncle which my sister did have and went to voice msg just to check if he was ok. I have never had dreams like this. It's weird and I don't no what to do about it. I think about it every day thinking if I kept calling him that he would still be here with us today pls does any one no what it's ment by me from having this dream then all of a sudden 5 days later his gone. Thank you all.
  • Margy (3 years ago)

    I dreamed my friend recently dead showing me love and wanted to buy sofa goes me. We were in his car . One of daughter comes so we didn't go to shop. We never had sexual thing but I know he like me as a woman. His wife came on my dream too jealous and she looked younger. My friend was like my daily father figure but I respected him. We were friends for 17 years.miss him and his dead left me alone without security. Pls tell me how you understand this dream. Thanks
  • Rodtriece (3 years ago)

    I had a dream about my auntie last night she's my only auntie I walked in my mother room an seen her crying on the end of my mother bed I screamed because it seemed so real she told me she had to go an I started walking backwards crying my eyes out so hard I woke up and was really crying with tears coming down my face is that a sign she telling me she got to go an I got to let go because I'm not ready to let go two months will make a year since she been gone
  • shannon (3 years ago)

    Last night I dreamed I was talking to my ex boyfriend who died a yr ago and my god son was in the dream to, they both were in jail and I went to visit and I asked my god son if he seen derrick and he said no he's dead a I said no he isn't he's right there. Lord I don't know what that ment
  • nessa (4 years ago)

    My nephew died about 4 months ago and i had a dream that we were talking but when i woke i realized how happy and peaceful he sounded
  • nickolas garcia (4 years ago)

    I dreamed i saw my dads mom and dad but my grandma is alive but my grandpa died from sickness i never saw him because he passed away in the 90s when my dad was 12 what does it mean please

  • Demonica (4 years ago)

    My Granny was back alive talkn to me tlm bout at da morgue da people baught ha to life said she cant die da family need ha but she was still sick she said da doctor said it should were off by 12am and stuff she was mad at fred and said he waited to she died to do allat bs and we went shopping were we usually go to fallas paradles and the thrift store but deets the 2nd dream about her
  • Beverley (4 years ago)

    My son died 5 years ago come February.on the night he died,which was not expected. In my sleep before the police were knocking on our door to tell us, I was surrounded in pure black shouting to my son I will find you. He was calling for me.The police knocked hard on the front door and I woke up. Have you any answers to this, has I have never been able to get over it x
  • shaun auva'a (4 years ago)

    I keep having dreams of dead woman trying to sleep with me
  • Rochelle (4 years ago)

    I dreamed about my husband his getting out his truck and gives a big smill. What do the dream ment his past away almost 3months now 5Desember it will be 3months
  • Lucy (4 years ago)

    My husband died 3 months ago. I saw him in my dream arriving with my relatives, then him going out of the gate. Seeing him leaving I ran after him only only to be pulled back by someone.
  • jofirth (4 years ago)

    My husband appeared in a dream to me last night we were together in the dream. he was younger than when he died and i was also younger, he spoke to me but i cant remember what he said but he came across to me and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Id like to know what this may mean ? and was he trying to tell me something or warn me of something. We always looked out for each other when he was alive. He has been dead for 51/2years. Can anyone answer or shed any light on this dream. Thanks
  • Jennifer Trevino (4 years ago)

    I had a brother that passed away 20 years ago I had a dream last night about him he appeared next to my boyfriend's little girl that is alive and I asked him what do you want with her what does that mean
  • Sonali (4 years ago)

    Hi I am pregnant of 3month and now a days m dreaming of my best friend she died 6years ago in an accident now a days she comes in my dream and crying like anything she want to come back in this world she misses her family so much what does this dream mean can any body explain me after ds dream m nt able to breathe properly m worried please help me out
  • Jade (4 years ago)

    I keep dreaming of my mum who passed away 9 half years ago in the dream she is alive and I'm always looking for but can never find her and it really upsets me then I must wake up upset and realise it's a dream and that she is not alive
  • jamie (4 years ago)

    I had a dream that me deceased partner who took his ouwn life 3 wewks ago n last night all i remeber is him standing there in is tracksuite n a said hows this posible u died he said he just ended up out with friend n he wasnt dead , i told him we were at ur funeral he he said it was hia friend who died there , not 100percent sure about think can vagaly remember hom saying we just left him , then after that i remembsr we had sex n he he had to go n i woke up , help me with this strange dream please


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