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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Cot?


To dream of a cot, foretells some affliction, either through sickness or accident. Cots in rows signify you will not be alone in trouble, as friends will be afflicted also.



Others about dreaming about "Cot"

  • Night_Dreamer (2 years ago)

    I had a dream I was on a train with no seats, only cots. I was sleeping on the one next to my mom, when we got a pie. To stay in the train, you had to look at the pie and eat it. Easy, right? Well, there was a hole in the pie. And all you could see was human flesh. My mom took a bite out of it, then showed me the pie. I then took a bite, revealing more human flesh. A girl. Now, on the cots, all you could see were these two peoples faces. Then, I ran away. I flew away. I landed on the ground right outside the train and started running. I saw an amusement park while I was running, but I turned left and kept on running. Then, I saw people that looked like static chasing me. It was a like a game, I’ll get to that reason soon. I kept running, but then there were three figures, inside a “box” like shape, all of them spaced out evenly. Suddenly, more people appeared after me but they were also running away from the static creatures. Though, I didn’t pay any mind to them, I just kept running. Soon, little squares appeared, that you were supposed to jump on. I started to jump on them, but they were to far apart. So, I super jumped. I landed on one, and looked back. The static figures were far away, but were gaining at an almost impossible speed. I started running again, when I broke something. The finish line. Had I won? No. They kept chasing me. I ran back, only now two chasing me and they were pretty slow compared to the rest, now chasing the other people that appeared. I ran back and touched one the three guys that were in the box, but the static figures got me first. My vision turned slightly staticy, and words appeared.“You Died! Play Again?” and I woke up.


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