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Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Cars?


To dream of seeing cars, denotes journeying and changing in quick succession. To get on one shows that travel which you held in contemplation will be made under different auspices than had been calculated upon. To miss one, foretells that you will be foiled in an attempt to forward your prospects. To get off of one, denotes that you will succeed with some interesting schemes which will fill you with self congratulations. To dream of sleeping-cars, indicates that your struggles to amass wealth is animated by the desire of gratifying selfish and lewd principles which should be mastered and controlled. To see street-cars in your dreams, denotes that some person is actively interested in causing you malicious trouble and disquiet. To ride on a car, foretells that rivalry and jealousy will enthrall your happiness. To stand on the platform of a street-car while it is running, denotes you will attempt to carry on an affair which will be extremely dangerous, but if you ride without accident you will be successful. If the platform is up high, your danger will be more apparent, but if low, you will barely accomplish your purpose.


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Others about dreaming about "Cars"

  • OLG (1 month ago)

    I return to the parking garage but my car was not at the spot I thought I had left it. I could not find my car.
  • Vita (5 months ago)

    I can only remember part of this long dream. Apparently my family decided to stay at an airbnb which was actually one of my old homes from college. I remember it looked different inside. The actual home was 2 stories with 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms, but this home was 1 story with only 1 room inside with 2 beds. My mother had left for some unknown reason and my dad was staying on the other bed. I remember looking at the yellow cellphone charger very clearly before leaving the house for an unspecified amount of time. My father and I come back later and I see my mother's blue car with the front left tire completely missing. I wonder why and when I look around I notice the house is on fire and so is the fence near it and the flames are just barely touching the area where the tire used to be. I try to run to the car to rescue it from the fire, but it's too late. The house explodes into an inferno. I look to my left and a fire truck seemingly appears out of nowhere. I was resigned to the fact that the car is a loss and that all my belongings in the house are lost as well. My dad and I then lamented that we left a purple hospital armband in the car and that it will melt and the dye will likely stain the seats. For some reason that was what we were most worried about. After that I woke up.
  • Human (7 months ago)

    Two ahead of me another car on the side of the road. This car pushes the first car over to get on the road. The person ends up going across the field fasr but mNages to stop the befoe colliding with some trees. Smoke is coming from the surroundings and people are running to help the person in the car. I'm watching the entire scene.
  • Cuqui (8 months ago)

    I dreamt I had my car repaired and returned to me and it was in a parking lot. A man approached and asked me how many miles the car has and I didn’t know how to respond. The other man said 48 and commented how I didn’t know what that meant. A woman made a comment and I got mad and wanted to fight her. Then they all motioned to her to stop and they all walked away from me.
  • Tob (11 months ago)

    I cant find my car
  • Chris kerr (4 years ago)

    I dream I'm being chased by 1 then 2 cars
  • Lisa (5 years ago)

    I've had the same dream for ten years but it's not happened in a while. I don't drive but I'm driving a car and all is fine until I come to a junction and other cars have stopped in front of me. I try and break but realise I'm in the passenger seat and can't break (I know doesn't make sense) I have to pull over without breaking and bump into a hill on the wrong side of the road. I know the police will be called soon so I try get out and get into the drivers seat but I can't get in first my foot gets all tangled then it's to small for me to squeeze in. Finally I get in and pull away but 5 mins later the police come and pull me over. They ask for my license and registration and then I wake up. Can someone tell me what this means as its weird I seem to have had this dream since I was 18 I'm now going on 30!

  • susie (7 years ago)

    I keep losing my car
  • jswett (9 years ago)

    I had a dream my car was stolen very quickly and it seamed like the theif was making it clear that he knew what he was doing . my car has lojack and my keys were tossed on the ground.
  • krissy (9 years ago)

    I keep having this dream that i am in a car and i back into another car,,,sometimes right over it. I have had this dream so many times that now in my dream i tell myself i must be dreaming and then i wake up.
  • Danielle (9 years ago)

    I keep having this dream that my car is on a ledge and somehow ends up in the river. The river that it's going into is usually not deep but it is in my dream. But I'm not upset about it. It's almost like I'm okay with it.
  • Ruan (9 years ago)

    Me and my girlfriend had axactly the same dream on exactly the same night, we both dreamt that our cars got stolen, our dreams were a bit different bt it came down to our cars being stolen, what does this mean?
  • adam (10 years ago)

    I have dreams that I'm driving then the brakes won't work but I don't crash I manage to avoid everything untill I stop or wake up. Do you know anything about this?


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