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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Cabin?


The cabin of a ship is rather unfortunate to be in in{sic} a dream. Some mischief is brewing for you. You will most likely be engaged in a law suit, in which you will lose from the unstability of your witness. For log cabin, see house.



Others about dreaming about "Cabin"

  • Jenna Anderson O'Nei (9 years ago)

    I had this very intense dream that took place in an old cabin. I was in high school and went with my dad to look for something, but i lost him and ended up going into this mans cabin. I was very upset and the man was trying to burn the house down. When he was in the living room with me he sat down and started trying to have sex with me, but i stopped him. Then out of no wear i just started making out with him. I cant explain it but i couldn't help myself. He didn't have a penis. He looked like a ken doll but i still kept going. I was so confused the whole time and when the house started to burn we just kept going till i woke up. I was wondering if any of this had a meaning, its very confusing to me.


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