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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.


What does it mean to dream about Brothers?


To see your brothers, while dreaming, full of energy, you will have cause to rejoice at your own, or their good fortune; but if they are poor and in distress, or begging for assistance, you will be called to a deathbed soon, or some dire loss will overwhelm you or them.



Others about dreaming about "Brothers"

  • Earl (2 months ago)

    I dreamed I was getting off work and looked over and my dead brother was in a field nearby. He looked young and good and was jovial. He said that he couldn't come with me - that he was to stay with the others in the field. When I looked, I could see them dimly in the field as well. They travel around and he never knows where they will land next. He said that he was sorry that his wife missed him so, but that there was nothing he could do about that.
  • jes (1 year ago)

    I had an argument with my brother. I was mad at him for throwing my things in the sea
  • Karesha (5 years ago)

    My brother was murdered about a month ago I dreamed I was in the room and he was in the casket laying there naked what do that mean
  • Love (5 years ago)

    I had a dream that my baby brother which has been murdered was laying in my lap crying what does that mean I had him some napkins and he asked to give him the rest the napkins. Then I woke up

  • sherlyn (7 years ago)

    Am i was with my brother and uncle and grandpa. My grandpa gotad at my bro so he didnt gave up he hit him(my grandpa)with a thick wooden stick and my uncle too i started cryingand tried to calm my brother down hut he was so mad he had red eyes and he hit was about to hit me when he hit me i woked up all scared in the middle of the night Plzz help me i know my little bro isnt like that he was so different exlain to me plzz
  • Daddystos (9 years ago)

    I knocked my brother out with a right hook
  • Kevin (9 years ago)

    Hi,i had a dream i was fighting with my brother,my brother was murdered 10 years ago and i've not had a dream about him in ages could u tell me what this could mean please


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