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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Mikle (2 months ago)

    Flying by the moon and seeing earth below
  • Mia (2 months ago)

    When you dream your lover doesn't want you anymore,he wants to separate with you
  • Pee (2 months ago)

    A mango tree with different fruit on it.
  • Cuqui (2 months ago)

    I dreamt I had my car repaired and returned to me and it was in a parking lot. A man approached and asked me how many miles the car has and I didn’t know how to respond. The other man said 48 and commented how I didn’t know what that meant. A woman made a comment and I got mad and wanted to fight her. Then they all motioned to her to stop and they all walked away from me.
  • Pooja (2 months ago)

    I hv seen golden chairs, one I got from mahal... Thn someone theft d chair then I find it and got it
  • Gabriel (2 months ago)

    My sister had a dream where our late father was telling her to warn me about church. Why have I stopped church?
  • Ed (2 months ago)

    O go for walk with wife on cliff,the ground she steps on falls away,I try to get to her then I fall wake up in hospital only got 1 leg, 2sons come in room and looking sad tell me i have a visitor,it is my wife in wheelchair ,an she has lost an arm i was so unwell.
  • Peter (3 months ago)

    I dreamt about a dog bitting me badly on my forearm and me and this dog went at with each for some time ... Then I started walking around with this dog looking for the owner of the dog and couldn't find the owner so we came across water and the dog let go of my arm and started drinking water and for some reason I started washing my blood of it it ... It was a white bull instead of bitting me it gave a quick glaze at me and continue drinking water and once I was done...more

  • Maureen (3 months ago)

    I dreamt of holding a man close to me, looking lovingly in each other,s eyes? Is it coming true?
  • mom (3 months ago)

    My daughter had ringworms on her face 7 of them on both sides, i asked her why she doesnt take care of herself. then she also had pillows on the tummy and wearing her husbands tshirts.
  • J.A.S. (3 months ago)

    I dreamt that my late Husband had been hiding behind the sofa for the last four years! I awoke cussing him. The strangest thing was it was the night before our 40th Wedding Anniversary and he jumped out, saying surprise surprise!
  • Kristin (3 months ago)

    I gave my mother a big white envelope which she opened and poured its content onto a table. Five keys came out of the envelope and each one had a different keyring. All the keyrings were of an organic nature, i.e. a tiny branch, a leaf, a little stick... I told my mother the keys were all for the same lock.
  • Gin (3 months ago)

    I have dreamt of a calico kitten held in my arms like a baby and I brought it to Mass with me
  • Sandra (3 months ago)

    A massive web with my self standing close by wanting too run away from web I start running the massive spider is following me Then bites me on my arm .What does this mean.
  • Fjgirlalive (3 months ago)

    I dreamt my father was beating this child and i ran in to protect this child thinking that he would because im his daughter but he didn't stop he was also coming for me, before he layed a punch on me i woke up as i was shocked that he would actually beat me as well.


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