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Dreams Explained

Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.

Your most recent dreams

  • Sister (1 month ago)

    Missed getting to church then after I felt mud in my mouth
  • Aubrey (1 month ago)

    A friend that also wants to be more just ups and leaves me.
  • Tia (1 month ago)

    I was climbing up the stairs and I found 2 keys in the key ring on top of a stack of cut pieces of wood ! I think I put them under the rug?!and kept climbing up the stairs!What does it mean?
  • JM (1 month ago)

    I dreamed about live worms crawling on people
  • Porsiah (1 month ago)

    I dreamt crying and when u try to get out of my house the spider slapped me on my face
  • Candy (1 month ago)

    I was sitting in the supermarket & saw my friend (boy) looking at me smiling and slowly come to me & says how are you I answered I'm good & he hugged my head coz I was siting & he was standing and he was feeling happy.From afar I saw my other friend boy just glance at me and that's it. Thanks
  • Jazz (1 month ago)

    I have seen gold kittens in my bed today.The orther day I was chasing black kittens.
  • Phil (1 month ago)

    I dreamt that my son sawed off some mans feet on my porch with a chainsaw and then accidentally cut his self what would this mean there was a lot of blood

  • Me (2 months ago)

    I dreamt of visiting my daughters grave to find that the soil has revealed the casket buried
  • Poppy (2 months ago)

    My son of 8 years old dreamed that me, his mother was found dead laying in a open bush not far from house. What does this mean
  • Mpumelelo (2 months ago)

    I was dreaming negoationing my sons custody
  • Ally (2 months ago)

    I dreamed that I was there waiting for someone I knew to get released from prison. I saw him come out. I knew him in the dream but never saw him before in real life. I gave him a hug and told him I was glad he was out, and I walked with him to a small camper where his wife and baby were waiting.
  • Liz (2 months ago)

    I had a dream of a gun man at the bustop with my my sister and cousin mind you there was a lot of people there. The gunman kept walking really quickly back and forth from me and cousin and sister and we were scared but the bus came they went in from the front and I went in from the back and I was them sitting downstairs at the back and the gunman in the front . It then came to our bustop and we got off and so did the gunman he was walking to our house like...more
  • Angtious (2 months ago)

    My father passed away on July 12th. I had a dream where my mom and I were getting ready to have him come over (they were divorced and he had never come to visit in the past, as he lived across the country), when he came there was a man with a face that was not his and same with the body, but I ran to hug him and could FEEL that he was my father (I love my father very much despite everything). Then, I had another dream during a nap, where I was trying to figure out more...more
  • Jazz (2 months ago)

    The dream started and i was surrounded by thick tree trucks , so tall i couldn’t see the top of the trees


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